Arfad Revolutionaries Battalion joins the SDF

Arfad Revolutionaries Battalion joined the ranks of the SDF. Battalion Commander Muhanned Hesen stated that their priority was the safety of the region and the democracy project.

Arfad (Tal Rıfat) Revolutionaries Battalion held a press conference and declared that it joined the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Battalion Commander Muhanned Hesen stated that it was time for the Syria revolution to meet with its roots. Hesen stated that all peoples of Syria have been under threat since the dissolution of the opposition in Syria, and it was now time to tackle this danger and stop the bloodshed.

Hesen emphasized that, with its colorful structure, Syria represents coexistence and peace, and the Syria revolution has been trying to be the voice of the struggle for freedom, equality, and social justice since its beginning. Hesen noted that the Shehba region has been under the attack of the so-called Islamist gang groups, and the battalion aims to save the region from the cruelty of the gangs and stay loyal to the revolution in Syria.


Hesen stated that the SDF forces have successfully cleared many regions from ISIS gangs and strengthened people’s hopes for liberation from ISIS cruelty.

Hesen announced that they joined the SDF ranks, and as the children of Arfad, they could not stay silent in the face of the bloodshed in Shehba. Hesen said that that would continue to struggle in order to strengthen the will of Kurdish, Arab, Turkmen and other peoples for coexistence in the region.

Lastly, Arfad Revolutionaries Battalion Commander Muhenned Hesen noted that their participation in the SDF would play a key role in the security of the region and the democracy project in Syria.