AKP starts employing paramilitary forces

The Palace regime is expanding the concept of the dirty war they have been waging. 30 thousand “armed village guards” are to be employed to be put on duty in cities in Kurdistan.

The chaos and crisis created by the dirty war policies implemented by the AKP regime continue to expand. The palace regime failed to take hold in the face of the war concept they implemented and are now trying to save face by increasing the number of village guards in the region. The regime has started giving incentives to people to be village guards under the guise of security, and they are forming paramilitary forces.

The project aims to employ 30 thousand new counterguerilla units, and it will be implemented in Kurdish cities. Officially, 15 thousand of them will be registered as village guards and the other 15 thousand people will go down in the records as “volunteer village guards”.

This effort shows how dirty a war the palace regime is preparing for and seems like it will deepen the chaos and crisis in the country even more.


District governors and police stations have launched efforts to employ paramilitary persons under the guise of “temporary and volunteer village guards” in all rural districts in Urfa, including the central districts of Karaköprü, Eyyubiye and Haliliye. The numbers announced for the “village guards” to be employed in Urfa districts where the Kurdish political parties receive widespread popular support are significant. In this context, 20 people will be employed as “village guards” in Viranşehir to be utilized in neighborhoods in the district.


There will be 15 village guards each to be officially employed for Ceylanpınar and Suruç districts. These numbers are 3 to 4 times higher than other districts. In this effort to create a paramilitary force, the district governorates have announced that they will be employing 5 village guards each in the Bozova, Siverek, Hilvan, Harran, Halfeti, Akçakale, Karaköprü, Eyyüniye, Birecik and Haliliye districts.

The district governors and the army ordered the municipalities to announce the “village guard“ employment over the loudspeaker systems in districts. In Urfa’s districts where the “village guard” applications are already open, those who meet the criteria set forth by the Palace regime are already receiving weapons.