Aggression by Turkish soldiers on Kobanê border kills two youths

Two youths have lost their lives as a result of today's aggression by Turkish soldiers on the border where a vigil by Kobanê citizens continues in its seventh day.

Turkish soldiers have today attacked the Rojava people who continue their vigil on the Kobanê border in protest at the Turkish army building a wall of occupation in the border area.

As the vigil continues in its seventh day, participants came under attack of Turkish soldiers with live bullets and tear gas.

Today's aggression by Turkish border guards claimed the lives of two youths, while 9 people were wounded by fire from machine guns and 80 others were injured as a result of intensified tear gas attack.

The injured civilians have been taken under treatment at Kobanê Emel Hospital.

One of the two youths killed today is reported to be Bozan Heco.