A group of Êzidî peshmergas leave KDP and join Hashd al-Shaabi

A group of Êzidî peshmergas have left KDP and joined the Shiite militia Hashd al-Shaabi. These peshmergas were later threatened by KDP to “lay down your arms and leave Kurdistan”.

It has been learned that a group of Êzidî peshmergas in Shengal broke apart from Kurdistan Democrat Party (KDP) and decided to join the Shiite militia Hashd al-Shaabi, reportedly because KDP took no steps for the liberation of Shengal's villages that are still under ISIS occupation.

According to information ANF obtained from local sources, KDP summoned these peshmergas to the Sherfedin village in Shengal's Sinunê town and held a meeting with them yesterday. KDP's peshmerga commanders that attended the meeting threatened these peshmergas, saying “Those to join Hashd al-Shaabi shall immediately leave their arms and move their houses from Southern Kurdistan”.

The peshmergas in question, who are from the Kocho village where ISIS committed a big massacre during 2014's onslaught, laid down their arms and joined the Shiite militia. An Êzidî peshmerga told ANF that many peshmergas from various villages laid down their arms and started preparations to move their families out of Southern Kurdistan.

While there is no clear information yet as to the number of Êzidî peshmergas who decided to join the ranks of Hashd al-Shaabi, Southern Kurdistan based KNN television said this number was 500 and these were affiliated to the 14th FOC (military unit).

Nayif Qaso, a commander for the 14th FOC, spoke to KNN TV and said: “KDP did nothing to prevent the invasion of Shengal. We are waiting for three years but KDP still has no plan for the liberation of Shengal's town under ISIS occupation.”

According to the Peshmerga arrangement, every FOC consists of fighters ranging from 50 to 400, while this number is between 50 and 150 in Êzidî units.