A commander of Cenga Heftanîn: Bargiran Erkendi

Commander Bargiran Erkendi fought resolutely and bravely in many areas from Xakurkê to Garê, from Maxmur to Heftanin during his 17-year-long guerrilla life. He left an outstanding legacy of resistance.

Hasan Güner, whose nom de guerre was Bargiran Erkendi, was born into a patriotic family in the Erkendi village in the Garısa region of Botan which is known for its patriotism. Bargiran Erkendi's family was forced to migrate to Adana city due to the crackdown of state forces who carried out dirty policies against the patriots in Kurdistan. Despite all the pressures, his family has never renounced their culture and patriotism. The guerrilla fighter Bargiran, who was raised in such a family, witnessed the oppression of the Kurdish people by the Turkish state at a young age and decided to rise against it.

Bargiran was jailed at the age of 14. After his release, he was arrested once again by the fascist Turkish state as he continued his struggle outside. Following his second release, he joined the guerrilla troops in 2004. He always felt the suffering of his people in his heart and rejected the occupation of his country and lands. He knew that it would be a heavy burden, but he didn't care.


Bargiran became a leading commander who fought resolutely and bravely from Xakurkê to Garê, taking part in the liberation of many areas of Kurdistan and the resistance of Cenga Heftanin at the time when ISIS fascism attacked. Guerrilla Bargiran was a candidate to become a commander of the victorious times. He carried out successful practices in the fields of Xakurkê, Garê, Maxmur, Metina and Heftanin, improved himself both ideologically and militarily and carried out his struggle based on the Apoist line.

Commander Bargiran had a self-sacrificing revolutionary enthusiasm throughout his 17 years-long guerrilla warfare. He lived every moment of his life meaningfully and sacrificed everything for a free life. Bargiran, who carried out activities all over the Heftanin region, became one of the top commanders of the Cenga Heftanin Revolutionary Campaign. He followed in the footsteps of commander Reşid Serdar, who said that "We will not even leave the shadow of the enemy on these lands". He inspired his comrades with his fighting spirit, militancy and stand. Commander Bargiran remained committed to the principle of "24 hours of leadership with 24 hours of guerrilla". He fell as a martyr on August 20, 2020, leaving an outstanding legacy of struggle.