55 politicians arrested in Amed - UPDATE

In Amed, 55 politicians including HDP and DBP provincial branch co-chairs were detained in house raids by the Turkish police in early morning hours.

Police conducted several simultaneous house raids this morning in Amed’s city center and districts. 55 people including DBP Amed Province Co-chair Hafize İpek, HDP Amed Province Co-chairs Cebbar Leygara and Gülşen Özer, HDP Peyas (Kayapınar) District Co-chair Abbas Ercan and other DBP and HDP officials were detained in the operations.

The politicians in custody are as follows: DBP Province Co-chair Hafize İpek, HDP Province co-chairs Cebbar Leygara and Gülşen Özer, HDP Peyas (Kayapınar) District Co-chair Abbas Ercan, DBP Yenişehir District Co-chair Şaban Turhan, HDP Yenişehir District Co-chair Belgin Laçin Diken, HDP Rezan (Bağlar) District Co-chair Hatice Makas, DBP Licê District Co-chair Murat Atagün, DBP Çermûg (Çermik) District Co-chair Emine Aydın, DBP Çermûg former District Co-chair Hayati Deniz, HDP Çermûg District Co-chair Ahmet Karataç, DBP Çermûg former District Co-chair Nevzat Güler, DBP Çinar district co-chairs co-chairs Ayşe Kızılkan and Mahmut Ulus, HDP Çinar District Co-chair Sedat Demirtaş, HDP Hezro (Hazro) district co-chairs Fesih Balbey and Meryem Aslan, HDP Erxanî (Ergani) former District Co-chair Ahmet Kınık, DBP Bismil District Co-chair Gurbet Yalçınkaya, HDP Bismil District Co-chair Habip Akıncı, HDP Farqîn (Silvan) District Co-chair Hülya Biçen, HDP Şengûş (Çüngüş) District Co-chair Birgül Eser, DBP Pasur (Kulp) District Co-chair Berna Çelik and HDP Pasur District Co-chair Abidin Karaman.

Along with the detained politicians, several houses were raided at around 04:00 am in the Dicle district. Some of those detained in these operations are as follows: Hasan Öğüt, Celal Birtane, Kadriye Karatay, Zülfü Alınteri, Muharrem Çelebi, Aziz Akdağ, Gökhan Öğüt, Mustafa Dayan, Emirhan Aksal, Gani Karaş. 

Apart from these detentions, HDP Licê District administrator Osman Ağın and İbrahim Işık, Serdar Baysal who was removed from duty from Farqîn Municipality and Abdullah Güler and Taner Memiş who live in Malabadî village in Farqîn (Silvan) were also detained.

The operation still continues and there are reports that the number of detentions may increase.