33 Turkish soldiers killed in ongoing revolutionary offensives of guerrillas

Guerrillas are carrying out continuous actions against the Turkish invasion forces in the Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) where another 33 soldiers of the Turkish army have been killed.

The Press Center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) has published new information on the guerrilla resistance against the invasion launched by the Turkish state in the Medya Defense Zones on April 23. According to the statement, guerrilla actions against the occupation forces are taking place continuously in the regions of Metina, Avashin and Zap. The fight against the occupation also continues in Heftanin. According to statement released today, another 33 soldiers have been killed. Meanwhile, the Turkish army continues its air and artillery attacks on the guerrilla areas. Four guerrillas have been martyred in Avashin, and the HPG has released their names.

“Bazên Zagrosê" offensive in Avashin and Zap

In the regions of Avashin and Zap, the HPG has declared the Bazên Zagrosê (Hawks of Zagros) offensive, as part of which further actions have taken place since Sunday.

According to the HPG statement, guerrillas infiltrated the position of a Turkish army unit on Hill Mamreşo in Avashin on April 25 and killed two soldiers.

In the Zap region, HPG snipers struck the Turkish forces on Hill Martyr Serdar on April 26, killing one soldier and wounding another. A short time later, the guerrillas hit a military unit on the hill with heavy weapons; the number of dead and wounded could not be determined. Following the action, the Turkish army bombed the area.

On the same day, Turkish forces on Hill Martyr Munzur in the Zap were targeted four times with rockets, which left two soldiers dead. After the action, the Turkish army bombarded the area with helicopters and heavy weapons.

Also on Monday, guerrillas struck two enemy positions in the Martyr Serxwebûn area in the Zap region. In the first position, three soldiers were killed and a surveillance camera was destroyed. In the second position, two soldiers were killed.

At 7:30 a.m. local time on April 27, two soldiers were killed in a guerrilla action while cutting trees on Hill Martyr Serdar for a military camp. Three hours later, the camp was struck by guerrillas with Katyusha rockets.

“Cenga Xabûr" offensive in Metina

As part of the Cenga Xabûr (Battle of Khabur) offensive launched by HPG in Metina, four actions of sabotage have been carried out against the occupation forces on Martyr Serhed and Martyr Çiya hills on April 24 and 25, killing six soldiers.

On April 26, two simultaneous actions took place against the Turkish military base in Kanî Masî. An A4 position was destroyed and two soldiers were killed; while another soldier was shot dead by a sniper.

On the same day, guerrillas discovered an enemy unit hiding on Hill Martyr Serdar in the Derarê area of Metina. The unit was targeted and at least four soldiers were killed and many others wounded. Also on Monday, a soldier was shot dead by a sniper on Hill Zendura.

“Cenga Heftanin” offensive

The guerrilla offensive also continues in Heftanin. According to the HPG, two actions were carried out against the occupation forces in the community of Koxê Mele Yehya in the Martyr Kendal area on April 23. In the first action, an A4 position was destroyed and four soldiers killed. The second action targeted a group of occupiers, killing three soldiers.

Air and artillery attacks on Medya Defense Zones

The Medya Defense Zones have been bombed massively yesterday and today. On April 26, the Turkish army carried out an airstrike on the area surrounding the village of Orê in the Martyr Rüstem area. On the same day, the Tabûra Ereban, Kartal and Şukê areas in Avashin were bombed several times by fighter jets.

On April 27, airstrikes were carried out on the Werxelê area in Avashin and the Hill Martyr Şahin in the Zap region. According to the HPG, the Medya Defense Zones are also constantly bombarded with howitzers and mortar shells.

Four guerrillas martyred in Avashin

Four guerrillas were martyred in the Avashin region on April 23. According to HPG statement, Asya Kerim, Ekin Tilora and Çiyager Cizîrî attacked Turkish military helicopters with heavy weapons when soldiers were being airdropped at Hill Martyr Dilgeş in the Mamreşo area. This prevented the deployment of troops all night. "During the battles and bombardments, our comrades Asya, Ekin, Çiyager and Dilgeş died in the heroic struggle," the statement wrote.

HPG paid tribute to the struggle of the martyrs and announced revenge, expressing their sympathy to the relatives of the martyrs and the Kurdish people.

ID details of the fallen guerrillas are as follows:


  Nom de Guerre: Ekin Tılora
  First-Last Name: Vahide Zengin
  Birthplace: Hakkari
  Mother's-Father's Names: Kamile – Tahir
  Date and Place of Martyrdom: 23 April 2021 / Avaşin





  Nom de Guerre: Dilşêr Agit
  First-Last Name: Zennun Muhammed Salih
  Birthplace: Hesekê
  Mother's-Father's Names: Aziza – Muhammed Salih
  Date and Place of Martyrdom: 23 April 2021 / Avaşin





  Nom de Guerre: Asya Kerim
  First-Last Name: Mine İpekten
  Birthplace: Bursa
  Mother's-Father's Names: Feyruze – Mahmut
  Date and Place of Martyrdom: 23 April 2021 / Avaşin





  Nom de Guerre: Çiyager Ciziri
  First-Last Name: Bereket Beytur
  Birthplace: Şırnak
  Mother's-Father's Names: Hatice – Ömer
  Date and Place of Martyrdom: 23 April 2021 / Avaşin