Women in Armenia call on international circles to act for Öcalan

Women in Armenia sent a letter to international circles for the freedom of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Yekitiyen Jinen Azad (Free Women’s Union) sent a letter to the US, Russia and EU-state consulates regarding the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan in Armenian capital Yerevan.

The letter said the following:

“It is known that the Turkish state implements policies of annihilation and denial against the Kurdish people. And against this, the Kurds have always been involved in a struggle to resist. Mr. Abdullah Öcalan, who has had a great role in this struggle and is seen as a Leader by the Kurdish people, has been imprisoned for almost 20 years. The Turkish state aims to make the will of the Kurdish people surrender in the person of Mr. Abdullah Öcalan. Mr. Öcalan has resisted this for 20 years, but he hasn’t been heard from in the last 3. This is cause for concern for us.”


The letter continued: “We as women don’t consider Mr. Abdullah Öcalan as a mere individual, he is the leader of the Kurdish people. We see Mr. Abdullah Öcalan’s freedom as our own freedom, and the freedom of the Kurdish people, as well as other peoples. As women in Armenia, we stress that we don’t accept the isolation imposed upon Mr. Abdullah Öcalan. The US, UN, Russia and EU should fulfill their duties and pressure Turkey on this matter.”