Tortured inmates on hunger strike for 10 days

Three political prisoners in Kilis Type L Prison have been on a hunger strike for 10 days due to physical and psychological violence by the prison guards.

Mehmet Sinan Ayçiçek, Cemal Muhammet and Agid Adsoy who are in the same ward in Kilis Type L Prison have been reported to be on an irreversible unlimited hunger strike since September 27 due to physical attacks by prison guards and the strict conditions in the prison.

Inmate Mehmet Sinan Ayçiçek’s brother Mazlum Ayçiçek stated that the prison guards were physically and psychologically violent against his brother and other people in the same ward and the inmates had launched a hunger strike in protest. Mazlum Ayçiçek said his brother was able to relay what happened in the prison in part during the weekly phone calls and added that the prison treats ordinary prisoners and political prisoners very differently.

Ayçiçek said the family appealed to the Human Rights Association’s Antep branch due to the events and continued: “The officials in the association said they have received another appeal about battery and violence in the Kilis Type L Prison before, and that they will be forwarding these to the relevant authorities once the first inquiry is completed.”