"The state will continue to feed murderers like Mehmet Ağar"

Saturday Mothers demand consequences from the revelations of the Turkish mafia boss Sedat Peker. The subject of their action today against "disappearances" were the murders of Kurdish businessmen in the nineties.

The Saturday Mothers, in their action today against "disappearances" in state custody, pointed out that the disintegration of state institutions and social values is increasing due to the lack of legal and social responses to the revelations of mafia boss Sedat Peker. "No matter how many years pass, we will not stop demanding justice for Savaş Buldan, Adnan Yıldırım and Hacı Karay," the initiative stated at its online meeting, which focused on the murder of the three Kurdish businessmen 33 years ago.

In a video released in May, Turkish mafia boss Sedat Peker had blamed former police chief and Interior Minister Mehmet Ağar for unsolved murders of Kurdish businessmen in the 1990s. Among others, Peker named Behçet Cantürk and Savaş Buldan. The latter was the husband of current HDP Co-Chairwoman Pervin Buldan and was abducted by people in police uniforms on June 3, 1994, along with his friends Adnan Yıldırım and Hacı Karay as they left a hotel in Istanbul. A day later, the bodies of the three men turned up in the city of Bolu, 270 kilometers away. Savaş Buldan and his friends had been tortured and shot with bullets to the head and chest.

Pervin Buldan and Leyla Yıldırım, the daughter of Adnan Yıldırım, participated in the Saturday Mothers' online event. Buldan reminded that the murdered businessmen were only a few of the people abducted and tortured in the 1990s. He said that the fact that the murderers of thousands of people were not convicted showed the state of the judiciary in the country. Leyla Yıldırım pointed out that the murder of her father was committed with the knowledge of the state: "They were political murders. However, they were treated as criminal acts and the murderers were acquitted. Mehmet Ağar's acquittal was his ticket back. Of course, the state will not say that it is responsible. It will continue to feed murderers like Mehmet Ağar."