Police take family and friends of Gökhan Güneş into custody

Family and friends of Gökhan Güneş were detained as they demanded to know the fate of the young man who disappeared on 20 January.

Family and friends of Gökhan Güneş, who was abducted on 20 January allegedly by police officers, continue to demand what happened to the young man. On Sunday Güneş’ family and friends demonstrated in front of the Arena Park in Ikitelli, Istanbul. "Where's Gökhan?" said a banner opened by the family and friends while Güneş’ sisters Nurhayat Güneş and Gülhayat Güneş Toraman spoke at the action.

"We will not let you disappear our brother," Nurhayat Güneş said adding: "Where is my brother who they have tried to abduct in this neighbourhood many times before? Where is he, we ask again. Minister of Interior, Minister of Justice, you have kidnapped my brother, you must free him."

Gülhayat Güneş Toraman said, "We are here for Gökhan today and we will continue to be here for him. We will not leave my brother; you cannot disappear him. We will not stop; we will not be afraid.”

Police detained family members Gülhayat Toraman and Nurhayat Güneş and their friends Ferhat Harun Pehlivan, Özge Doğan and Hacı Toraman after the speeches.

The detainees were taken to the Istanbul Provincial Police Headquarters on Vatan Street.