Rojhilat refugees in Hewler called on UN for help

Rojhilat refugees in Hewler are living in very difficult conditions. The refugees called on the United Nations (UN) to help them finding a settlement place. 

Refugees who had to migrated from Rojhilat Kurdistan to Hewler have turned to the UN for help, describing the very difficult circumstances of their living conditions. 

A group of Rojhilat Kurdistan refugees staged an action in front of the UN office building, reported RojNews.

The migrants said that they had to come to South Kurdistan because of the political, social and economic turmoil they were subjected to by the Iranian regime. 

They asked the UN to help them in finding a place where to settle. 

People from the Kurdistan Region in Iran have been forced to migrate because of the political chaos in Iran for twenty years. 

In the Soran district of Hewler there are more than 250 families.