Prisoners will be forced to wear single-type uniform in Turkey

A new emergency decree by Turkish government will force all suspects and convicts under arrest for “crimes against the constitutional order” to wear single-type uniforms during their court appearances.

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan proposed a single-type uniform policy last June. Turkish government followed his proposal and released an emergency decree on Saturday midnight.

According to the decree, prisoners will have to wear two type of uniforms during their court appearances. The brown jumpsuits will be worn by those “attempting to abolish the order of the Turkish constitution by using force and violence, to replace the order with another one or to prevent the implementation of order” and “attempting to undermine the Turkish government by using force and violence or prevent it from performing its duty, partially or completely.”

The gray jumpsuits, meanwhile, will be worn by those who “attempt to undermine the Turkish Grand National Assembly or prevent it from performing its duty partially or completely,” “armed rebellion against the Turkish government,” “assassination of and assault on the president,” “crimes against the security of the state” and “crimes against the constitutional order.”

According to the decree, female suspects and convicts are exempt from wearing the uniform.