Political prisoners continue to be harassed

Political prisoners deported from Mardin to Amed, put under pressure and not even given bread or tea.

Nine out of the 13 prisoners who were deported to different prisons from Mardin E Type Closed Prison on 19 February were transferred to Diyarbakır T Type Closed Prison. Six of them were taken to prisons no T-3 and T-4, where political prisoners are not present. Two people, together with Ilhan Dayan, who has been detained for 28 years, were put in Prison No T-3, where only judicial detainees are held, and Ali Aslan, who has been detained for 15 months, and 2 other people were put in Prison No T-4.

Nine people demanded to be transferred to the blocs of other political prisoners but had their request rejected by the prison administration. Ilhan Dayan and Ali Aslan, two prisoners who were able to meet with their relatives after the quarantine process was completed, told about what happened.

Ilhan Dayan's brother, Hamdullah Dayan, said that his brother and his friends had nothing but 3 bunk beds and a table in their wards, and that all their demands to get more supplies were rejected.

Hamdullah Dayan said that guards are imposing a standing count on the prisoners again and added: "My brother said: When you look from the door of the cell you can actually see that there are only 3 people, yet the guards impose a standing count. We are requested to write a petition for everything. Only one of the petitions my brother has written so far has been verbally answered.”

Dayan added that the wards threatened the prisoners. Saying that his brother and other prisoners do not accept this attitude, Dayan said that he was also pressured during his visits to his brother in prison.

Dayan asked human rights organizations to take action.

They are not even given bread and tea

Ali Aslan's son Ruken Aslan, who was put in Prison No. T-4, also said that his father and other prisoners have not even been given a cup of tea for 24 days.

Stating that there are only bunk beds in the wards where the prisoners are placed and only one loaf of bread was given to 3 people, Aslan said: “My father and his friends are also under heavy isolation. They want this to be brought to the agenda and sent to a ward where they are political prisoners.”