“Now it’s Öcalan’s turn”

Campaigners for Mandela’s freedom are now working for Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan. Their joint view is, “Like we worked for Mandela in the past, now we must work for Öcalan.”

Support from politicians and NGOs rises for the campaign run by trade unions in the UK with the demand for Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s freedom.

British Kurdish People’s Assembly officials recently met with the leaders and cadres from the freedom for Mandela campaign. Former Minister of State Lord Peter Hain, Labour Party Shadow Minister and MP Chi Onwurah and ACTSA: Action for Southern Africa President Chitra Karve called on the international public to grow and participate in the Freedom for Öcalan campaign.

Lord Peter Hain said, “Like we actively worked for Nelson Mandela’s freedom, we must now work for Öcalan’s.”

Hain had been detained as a child alongside his parents for passing out flyers for Nelson Mandela. He has been the head of Trustees of the Donald Wood Foundation which has been providing humanitarian aid for South Africa since 2014. His biography titled Mandela was published this July.


Labour Party Shadow Minister and MP Chi Onwurah said she first heard of the Freedom for Öcalan campaign ran by trade unions during a speech in the Durham Miners Fest, the biggest workers’ festival in the world, and that she was very moved. Onwurah pointed to the significant similarities between Mandela’s and Öcalan’s freedoms, and called on all progressives to support the campaign.


The heir of the Anti-Apartheid Movement ACTSA: Action for Southern Africa’s President Chitra Karve said the important cadres and activists of the time tirelessly fought for Nelson Mandela’s freedom for years. Karve added that she believes the Freedom for Öcalan campaign developed by the same consciousness and faith will also achieve success.