Non-Turkish speaker female prisoner denied medical treatment

Sick prisoner Sabiha Uzun isn’t able to get the medical visits she needs because she doesn’t speak Turkish.

Sabiha Uzun (58), a resident of the Fırat neighborhood of Mardin’s Nusaybin district, was arrested after she was detained in March in a house raid on a complaint.

There are secret witness statements against Sabiha Uzun, and her not leaving her home during the self-governance resistance is considered a crime.

Uzun has been in the Mardin Type E Prison for the last 5 months, and she is having serious health problems. Sabiha Uzun’s chin area is swollen due to stress, and she has coronary issues as well as diabetes. She has to get taken to the hospital frequently.

Uzun was taken to the hospital in past weeks due to a swelling in her chest, but was unable to tell the doctor about the issue because there was no Kurdish translator present. Sabiha Uzun doesn’t speak Turkish, and it is known that this issue comes up in every visit, but she isn’t provided with a translator and even x-rays are difficult to complete.