Life of seriously ill prisoner Eser Morsümbül at risk, says his mother

The life of seriously ill prisoner Eser Morsümbül, whose right to treatment is denied, is at risk.

Seriously ill Eser Morsümbül who is in Izmir Şakran No. 1 T Type Closed Prison, has been experiencing serious health problems for years. Morsümbül, who was arrested on 12 March 2017 on charges of "membership in a terrorist organization", was transferred to Şakran No. 1 T Type Closed Prison after 10 months in Silivri Prison. Morsümbül's medical check-ups, which had to be taken monthly due to kidney disease, were interrupted and his treatment was prevented.

Morsümbül, who underwent surgery to remove a brain tumour at the age of 12, received radiation therapy and chemotherapy for a long time. After a while, Morsumbul had to start kidney treatment because of the damage caused by other medicines. In August 2016, his mother donated a kidney to Eser. Morsümbül, who underwent a kidney transplant and is still undergoing treatment, was arrested on 12 March 2017, before he recovered.

Morsümbül, who has a disability report of 70 percent, suffered from osteoporosis, constant headaches and anaemia after his arrest. The condition of Morsümbül, whose right to treatment in prison was denied, is worsening.

Although Morsümbül's lawyers applied to Izmir Karşıyaka Chief Public Prosecutor's Office in June 2021, the prosecutor's office did not reply for 7 months. Applications to the Forensic Medicine Institute were also rejected.

Morsümbül's blood values ​​dropped and he had problems connected to the kidney transplant. As his condition worsened, Morsümbül was taken to the infirmary and pain medication was given. He was finally transferred to Izmir Katip Çelebi University Atatürk Training and Research Hospital on 1 October, at the insistence of his family and lawyers. Morsümbül, who was taken back to the prison without being fully treated, is still in a very serious condition.