Ill prisoners in Rize jail denied medical treatment

Ruken Varol, sister of Metin Varol, a prisoner in Rize L Type Prison said she is concerned about her brother’s health condition

Metin Varol was wounded with three bullets while being captured two years ago. “Every time we go to visit him - said Ruken Varol - we are facing with every kind of obstacle and obstruction. In the last three months we have been saying that he needs to be treated in hospital, but they don’t take him to hospital”: 

Varol said: "Rize Type L has been responsible of violations of rights several times, but it has not been adequately condemned. The prisoners are having serious problems, as I have stated, many patients are in custody and are not being treated".

Varol, giving more details on prison conditions said: "Their meals are very bad, the ward environment is very bad, they can not eat well and this is affecting their health. Furthermore prisoners are given continuous cell punishment”.

Varol, who said that the soldiers raided the wards systematically, noted that this was a deliberate policy to intimidate prisoners. 

Ruken Varol emphasized that the issue of ill prisoners in Rize L Type Prison should be addressed and added: "It is necessary that prisoners are given proper medical attention and treatment”.