Hunger strike in Van: 2 MLKP prisoners’ demands accepted

Demands of two MLKP prisoners who have been on a hunger strike for 127 days have been accepted.

MLKP (Marxist Leninist Communist Party) prisoners Kadir Karabak and Naci Esat Yildirim have been on a hunger strike for 127 days to have the barbed wire above the yards removed and to protest the searches during roll calls.

The Public Prosecutor and the Prison Director held a meeting with the hunger strikers and announced that their demands have been accepted.

Lawyer Savas Asci issued a statement on the matter and said the hunger strike resistance has reached success and the MLKP prisoners’ demands have been accepted.

Avci said: “As the demands were accepted, Karabak and Yildirim have endd their hunger strike. Their demands were that the barbed wire be removed from the yards, there will be no searches during morning and night roll counts, and there will be no searches in entering or leaving the cells, which have been accepted. Karabak and Yildirim have been taken to the hospital, and their demand for a doctor from the TTB has also been accepted.”