Heyva Sor sends emergency supplies to refugees on Polish-Belarusian border

Emergency supplies provided by Heyva Sor for refugees stuck at the Polish-Belarusian border are on their way.

Heyva Sor a Kurdistan cooperated with the German Wir packen's an Nothilfe für Geflühtete e.V (Wir packen's an) on the delivery of emergency aid materials for refugees on the Polish Belarusian border.

Materials such as food, clothing, powerbanks, shoes, coats, raincoats and blankets for two thousand people, were purchased and set out to be delivered to the border region today.

Representatives of the two institutions expressed their gratitude for the solidarity with the refugees.

Heyva Sor representative Muhittin Dolaşır said: "We are currently helping the refugees on the Polish-Belarusian border together with the Wir Packen's an Association, a friendly institution. Taking into account the winter conditions, trousers, coats, especially shoes for children, and powerbanks for phones are also included in these materials. Wir packen's an Association will deliver them to the people there.”

Stating that the people on the border, most of whom are Kurds, are in a devastated state, Dolaşır said: "Women and children are in terrible conditions. Some of our people died due to hunger, cold, not enough clothes."

The representative of Heyva Sor continued: “Turkey, KDP and the Barzani family are planning to empty our country. According to the information we have obtained, almost all of the refugees were given Turkish passports from Duhok region and brought from Belarus to the Polish border. We appeal to our people not to leave their own country. Europe is no paradise as it can be seen. About 200 of our people were turned away. They said that they suffered from hunger, thirst and cold. The Turkish state wants to put pressure on European states by using the refugees. Previously, he wanted to bring immigrants to the Greek border and put pressure on European countries. Our people should not allow the Turkish state and the Barzani family to use them."

Dolaşır called on "our people in Europe to do their best to help. We call on our philanthropists in Europe to join us so that we can help our people at the border. They can deliver their cash aids and donations to us via the bank account number we share on the media and on our webpage. Heyva Sor wants to help all refugees, regardless of their language, religion or identity. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Wir Packen's an Association on behalf of both Heyva Sor and our donors for partnering with us."

Wir Packen's an Association welcomes collaboration with Heyva Sor

Wir Packen's an Association General Treasurer Axel Grafmanns said: "Wir Packen's is a charity organization in Berlin and Brandenburg working for refugees. We cooperated with Heyva Sor'a Kurdistan to show solidarity with the refugees coming to the EU borders. We will transport the materials we bought with the donations of Heyva Sor in the morning. With the help of Die Linke Saxony, we delivered 7.5 tons of materials to refugees at the Belarusian border. There are Kurdish refugees there, there are those who fled the Syrian civil war, there are those who fled from the Erdogan regime. I saw a Kurdish woman last week who had not seen her own children for seven years. She was on the border to see her children. We receive news of people dying of cold or starvation. Therefore, our solidarity also means protesting this policy."