HDP congratulates the Human Rights Association on its anniversary

The IHD was founded 32 years ago.

Peoples' Democratic Party HDP co-chairs Pervin Buldan and Sezai Temelli congratulated the Human Rights Association (IHD) on its foundation anniversary.

In their statement the HDP co-charis said: "We congratulate the Human Rights Association in the 32nd anniversary of their foundation. The IHD is the pillar of the struggle for democracy and human rights in Turkey".

The IHD, which was established on 17 July 1986 under martial law, reminded the HDP co-chairs, has continued its struggle for democracy and human rights under the most difficult conditions and in an uninterrupted way until today. 

"At any and every moment in the past 32 years, defenders of human rights faced all kinds of threats such as death, arrest and unemployment, and yet never stopped fighting. Today they are facing the same threats".

The HDP co-chairs reminded the State of Emergency implemented since 20 July 2016 and remembered that the current government wants to make the State of Emergency permanent. "The IHD struggle will continue and be even more important today. In Turkey, unfortunately, - said the statement - an authoritarian and repressive regime is being built step by step and new and heavier rights violations of law are on the agenda".

A democratic republic, said the HDP co-charis "where all peoples, identities, cultures and beliefs are free has to be built and we will continue to side with the IHD to build this democratic republic together".