Halise Aksoy released from prison

Halise Aksoy, who was detained based on the statements of an informer, was released.

The third hearing in the case of Halise Aksoy was held at Diyarbakır 10th High Criminal Court. Aksoy’s son, Agit Ipek's bones were delivered to her by post in a box a few years ago. The woman was arrested on 28 April 2023 following statements by an informer. Aksoy and her lawyers Zeynep Karayılan and Necat Çiçek were present at the hearing.

The prosecution requested that Aksoy remain in prison for the rest of the trial. The defending lawyers demanded Aksoy's release.

The court decided to release Aksoy on the grounds that there was no risk of escape and postponed the hearing to 18 September.

Agit Ipek

Agit Ipek, who joined the People’s Defence Forces (HPG) in 2010, fell as a martyr in an armed conflict in 2017. His family waited for the DNA results for three years.

Aksoy did not know what was inside the package until she received it from the Diyarbakır Courthouse in April 2020.