Guards and gendarmes attack prisoners and families in Şakran Prison

Guards and gendarmes have attacked prisoners and their families during visitation at Şakran Prison in the western province of İzmir.

As the indefinite-irreversible hunger strike of prisoners in İzmir Şakran Prison continues in its 48th day, guards and gendarmes have attacked inmates and their families that went to the prison to see their relatives today.

Cihan Önen, brother of prisoner Barış Önen in Şakran, stated that guards first insulted and then attacked the prisoners whom they later dragged on the ground and took away from the visitation area. In response, prisoners chanted “Human dignity will prevail against torture” during the attack.

Önen said families therewith protested the attack, upon which dozens of gendarmes came to the visitation area and attacked everyone without distinguishing children and elderly. Gendarmes even dragged elderly women on stairs and threw them out, as result of which many people were injured. Families faced further attacks in front of the prison as well, and they were driven away from the area and started waiting a few km away from the prison, surrounded by soldiers.