Final decision on arrest of 81-year-old Kurdish woman Makbule Özer to be made today

The Turkish public prosecutor's office has withdrawn the summon to arrest 81-year-old Kurdish woman Makbule Özer. The final decision would be made today.

Apparently it has not yet been decided whether 81-year-old Makbule Özer will have to serve the remainder of her sentence for allegedly supporting terrorism. As her daughter Naime Özer said, the general public prosecutor's office in Van has withdrawn the summons to go to prison. "The public prosecutor's office told us not to take her to prison on Monday. The order should be reviewed again. We're told she will either be placed under house arrest or sent back to the coroner's office. The final decision would be made today.”

Makbule Özer was arrested last year along with her husband Hadi Özer for “supporting terrorism”. The couple was sentenced to over two years in prison.

In the case of Makbule Özer, the sentence was suspended for one year due to her poor health. She was released in September 2022 after four months in prison. Although her condition has not changed, the Institute of Forensic Medicine (ATK) certified her fitness for detention in November.

Makbule Özer is dependent on a wheelchair and suffers from various illnesses. Before her arrest, she was cared for by her children at her home in Van-Edremit (Wan-Ertemêtan), and her fellow prisoners looked after her in prison.