Father on hunger strike to get the body of son killed last year

70-year-old Kemal Gün is on hunger strike for 73 days, demanding to get the body of his son who was killed in an airstrike of the Turkish army in Dersim in November, 2016.

11 DHKC (Revolutionary People's Liberation Front) members lost their lives in an airstrike of the Turkish army in Çet region located between Dersim province and its Hozat district on 7 November 2016. Bodies of the militants have not been given to their families yet.

Kemal Gün, father of one of the DHKC militants killed in the airstrike, is on hunger strike in Dersim's central Seyid Rıza Square for 73 days now and demands to get the body of his son, Murat Gün.

Father Gün's health is in critical stage but he remains determined to continue his resistance until the end.

He says: “I will not leave here until I get a single bone of my son. I may lose weight and experience health problems, and I may die here even, but I will not end my action nor leave this square. I will keep staying here with my will and honor. All those youths are our martyrs and honor. I respect them and this is why I will not give up on my demand. We will never give up on our resistance even if it costs us our lives. We Kurdish people must endure all these. We have experienced torture and everything else, and we should be able to cope with this too.”