Families of prisoners call on "all mothers to stand up"

The families of the prisoners said at the Justice Vigil that "mothers must stand up now. Our struggle will continue until our children are free."

The Justice Vigil, initiated by the families of the ill prisoners and of those who haven’t been released despite having served their full sentences, continues on its 105th day at the Van Bar Association. Aslıhan Timur, mother of Botan Timur in Van F Type Prison is carrying out the vigil. Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Muradiye District Organization executives visited the families on Wednesday.

HDP Muradiye District co-chair Mehmet Emin Ulutaş said: "There is torture in prisons. Ill prisoners are in a serious condition. Despite the reports stating that they 'cannot stay in prison', ill detainees are still not released. We do not accept this unlawfulness. Prisoners should be treated with dignity. We are against oppression.”

Prisoner Botan Timur's mother Aslıhan Timur, on the other hand, spoke about her weekly phone call with her son. "My son said to me, 'Mom, our wards are raided at night. Our items are thrown on the ground. Our pens, books and notebooks are seized.’ We do not accept the injustice done to our children. We are fighting for justice, but there is no justice in this country. Support us. We do not accept oppression in prisons. As mothers, we must stand up now. Mothers should not stay at home anymore, let them come and fight with us."


The Justice Vigil, initiated by the relatives of the prisoners in Izmir Bar Association, is on its 35th day.

Speaking at the vigil on Wednesday, Sultan Yağmekan, said that she visited Abdullah Güney, in Kırıklar Prison, on 25 March. Güney told Yağmekan: “The voice of the action of mothers reaches prisons. As mothers, your demand for justice for the detainees is very meaningful. After the hunger strike against the improvement of prison conditions in Kırıklar ended, no steps were taken. No promises to improve conditions were kept. We will not remain silent against this repression and violation of rights. Our actions will continue."