Families demand to be given the body of BÖG fighter martyred in Rojava

BÖG fighter Muzaffer Kandemir lost his life in Rojava and his body has been kept in the border for the last 27 days. Kandemir, Akdeniz, Arpaçay and Güler families held a press conference and said, “Give us the bodies, end the cruelty.”

The body of BÖG (Birleşik Özgürlük Güçleri - United Freedom Forces) fighter Muzaffer Kandemir who became immortal during the defense of the Rojava revolution has been kept in the border for the last 27 days.

The families of BÖG fighters Kandemir and Bedrettin Akdeniz, Mahir Arpaçay and Aziz Güler who lost their lives in Rojava held a press conference so the bodies will be allowed to enter Turkey to be buried in the lands they were born in.

The press conference was held in IHD’s (İnsan Hakları Derneği - Human Rights Association) Istanbul office and Eylem Ataş’s brother Mehmet Ataş read the statement in the name of the families. Ataş mentioned that Aziz Güler’s body was kept at the vorder for 59 days and Eylem Ataş’s for 101 days and said: “We as the people who suffered for being unable to bury our children, want all people to lend us their voice so Muzaffer’s family doesn’t go through the same days of suffering.”

Ataş called on the institutions and said: “Give us our children.”

The families also spoke in the press statement. Mahir Arpaçay’s father Necep Kulu Arpaçay said: “The state should give us the body. They shouldn’t have plans over bodies. They should let us mourn.”

Aziz Güler’s mother Elif Güler said that Kandemir’s body being kept away made them go through the pain once more and added: “End this pain, give us our children's bodies back.”

Muzaffer Kandemir’s uncle Rafet Kandemir started by saying, “I’m Muzaffer’s uncle. But I raised him like a son.” Kandemir mentioned the revolutionaries going to Palestine to support the resistance in the past, and continued: “Now our children go to Rojava to fight against ISIS.” Rafet Kandemir demanded his nephew’s body be given back to them and said: “We must bring them to the lands they were born in to give them the farewell they deserve. Stop oppressing us by keeping their bodies.”