Death sentence for Rojavan Kurd in Iran

The Iranian regime judiciary has sentenced Rojavan Kemal Hesen Remezan, who had previously received a 7 year sentence, to death with the new case prepared by the Itlaat. The death sentence was approved by the Urmia 3rd Revolution Court Branch.

The Iranian regime judiciary approved the death sentence for Rojavan Kurd political prisoner Kemal Hesen Remezan (31). Remezan was caught by Iranian intelligence service Itlaat on the Makû-Urmia border in 2011, along with two other people. He was first sentenced to 10 years in prison for membership to the PKK, but later this ruling was reversed and with the new case prepared by the Itlaat, was turned into the death sentence.

According to Kurdistan Human Rights Network, the Urmia 3rd Revolution Court Branch sent the decree over to Urmia Central Prison and the prison administration read the decree to Remezan. Remezan had had two hearings in the Urmia 6th Revolution Court Branch before, and his case was sent to Urmia 1st Revolution Court Branch in November 2016. As Remezan’s trial was still in progress, his death sentence was approved.

Judiciary scandals involving the Iranian regime and intelligence don’t end here. In July 2011, Remezan was caught by the Iranian intelligence on the border of the Urmia state along with two citizens from Makû. Remezan was tried for 4 months by the Itlaat. On July 14, 2015, Remezan and the others in the case were each sentenced to 10 years and 1 day in prison for being “members of the PKK”. This sentence was later reduced to 7 years.

Following the reduction in the sentences, Itlaat stepped in again and Remezan was reportedly transferred to the Itlaat unit in the Urmia Prison in February 2016. Remezan was subjected to intense torture for 2 months and he was forced to speak in front of cameras. Later, it came to light that Remezan was tortured in the Itlaat headquarters for 8 days on December 10, 2016 and 10 days on December 26, 2016.

After the torture, a case was prepared against Remezan accusing him of the murder of an Itlaat ranking official, who was killed 10 years ago by unknown persons. A new case was opened in the Urmia 1st Revolution Court Branch with allegations of “PJAK membership and picking up arms against the Iranian regime” and Remezan’s new case was then referred to the Urmia 3rd Revolution Court Branch. The irrevokable death sentence was approved by 3rd Revolution Court Branch judge Mehdi Dadpur. The verdict was not read to Remezan’s face, but rather a notice was sent to the Urmia  Central Prison and the prison administration notified Remezan of the verdict.