Cameras turned off and prisoners attacked in Elazig

Wardens in the Elazig Prison turned off the cameras to attack the prisoners, including the elderly prisoners, who all say they won’t bow down.

Violations and attacks in the Elazig Prison, infamous for torture and mistreatment, seem to have no end. Prisoners who launched a 3 day warning hunger strike on September 12 were battered and placed in solitary confinement, and the prisoners told their families during visitation that a group of 10 wardens battered 6 inmates.


Families said the prisoners who chanted slogans to protest the horrible conditions in the Elazig High Security Prison No.2 were attacked by the wardens. The wardens turned off the cameras and battered the prisoners, including the elderly among them, and then placed the prisoners in solitary confinement.

Prisoners say they are subjected to constant attacks and threats, and their rights to physical activity and yard time are restricted.

Prisoners say they are subjected to policies of intimidation, but they won’t bow down.

Their families are to go to the Human Rights Association (IHD) Amed Branch today to file complaints about the attack.