Arrestee with amputated foot awaits surgery in solitary

A women prisoner with an amputated limb is waiting for surgery in solitary in Menemen Prison in Turkey.

One of Dicle Bozan’s feet has been amputated, and the other is still wounded. In her condition, she has been places in a solitary cell in the Menemen Type R Closed Prison, where she had been transferred for an operation on her intestines, because “there is a waiting list”.

HPG member Dicle Bozan had been arrested and sent to the Elazığ Type T Closed Prison following her capture in a heavily wounded state in an operation in April 2017 in Dersim. One of Bozan’s legs was amputated and she was later transferred to the Menemen Type R Closed Prison a month ago.


Bozan has an open abdominal wound after the operation and is still wounded on her other foot. Sh3 has been waiting to have an operation for the last 9 months. She was reportedly transferred to the Menemen Type R Closed Prison to receive treatment, but she has been kept waiting due to a “waiting list”. Bozan is held in a solitary confinement cell in the prison and is allowed to go out to the yard only by herself. Her health remains in serious condition.

Solidarity with Dungeons Initiative İzmir Spokesperson Selma Altan stated that Bozan is waiting to receive treatment and has demanded to be transferred to another prison.