Ahmet Türk says law of enemy implemented against Aysel Tuğluk

Kurdish politician Ahmet Türk said that Aysel Tuğluk's death in prison was being prepared, and added, "The government is implementing the law of the enemy."

Kurdish politician Aysel Tuğluk has been held hostage for over 5 years. Tuğluk, who suffers from dementia and is held in Kandıra F Type Closed Prison, is not released despite all calls.

Speaking to Ahmet Kanbal from MA, Kurdish politician Ahmet Türk said that "many of our friends are in prison, but every person with a conscience should think about Aysel whose health situation really in incompatible with prison conditions."

Stating that even human values are trampled on in Turkey, Türk said that the necessary examination was not carried out by the ATK on Kurdish lawyer and politician Tuğluk. Türk added that “the government is approaching the issue with hostility. An enemy law is being implemented.”

Türk continued: “Aysel’s situation is getting worse and worse. She suffers from a disease which is getting heavier by the day. Sometimes she does not recognize her own friends. According to the information given by her friends, Aysel sometimes goes to bed without taking off her shoes. She can not meet her needs alone. That's why it really is like condemning a person to death there. Both the Ministry of Justice, the ATK and those who govern Turkey today act in such a manner that amounts to leaving a person to die in prison."