8536 rights violations registered in Van in 9 months

The IHD Van Chapter has announced the rights violations in the city in the first 9 months. The report cites 237 house raids, 282 arrests and a total of 8536 rights violations.

The Human Rights Association (IHD) Van Chapter held a press conference in their offices to announce the rights violations in the city in the first 9 months. IHD Van Chairperson Murat Melek and chapter administrators attended the conference.

Melet said they condemn the attack against KESK constituents and HDP members who were to protest the Ankara Massacre, and pointed out that Erdogan’s recent narrative goes against democracy.


Melet said the following on the rights violations: “From the 12 co-mayors who have had trustees appointed in their place, Van Metropolitan Municipality Co-mayor Bekir Kaya, Catak Co-mayor Evin Keve and Ercis Co-mayor Diba Keskin are still under arrest. In the first 9 months of 2018 in our province, as far as we could ascertain, 282 people have been detained and 73 have been arrested. There have been at least 237 house and office raids. The detentions and arrests on strict charges using the excuse of social media posts are clear violations of personal safety and freedom.”


The IHD announced in the meeting that there have been 8536 rights violations in Van and stressed that torture continues in prisons. Melet said, “In the first 9 months, there have been 11 mistreatment and torture cases in the prisons. 6 prisoners had their right to healthcare violated and 2 people were exiled. One journalist was detained in Van and 741 workers had their contracts terminated.”