YPG denies involvement in hospital attack in Afrin

People’s Defense Units (YPG) Spokesperson Nuri Mehmud said that they have nothing to do with last week's hospital attack in Afrin.

YPG (People’s Defense Units) Official Spokesperson Nuri Mahmud issued a statement regarding the attack that targeted a hospital in Afrin city centre last week.

The statement said, “Many innocent civilians lost their lives in the attack targeting a hospital in Afrin city centre on June 12. Turkish President Erdogan has accused our forces of carrying out the attack.

The Turkish government that uses terrorism inside and outside, especially in Syria can never accuse others of terrorism. Those who perpetrate any kind of terrorism by Erdogan’s direct orders in the areas they have occupied cannot present themselves as defenders of civilians.

“As YPG, we condemn this attack. We have nothing to do with the attack, and targeting civilians is not a method of our struggle in principle. We have been fighting against terrorism and occupation for years in order to save our people from the terror that has spread to Syria with the support of Turkey. We state once again that the protection of civilians is the primary objective of our struggle.”