DFG report for June: Journalists are not safe in Turkey

The Dicle Fırat Journalists Association (DFG) has released its Report on Rights Violations Against Journalists in June 2021.

The Dicle Fırat Journalists Association (DFG) has released its Report on Rights Violations Against Journalists in June 2021.

“Journalist Hakkı Boltan, who is also one of the directors of our association, was sentenced on charges of insulting the President and the Prime Minister of the time. In fact, this sentence represents the current state of affairs of the legal system in Turkey. Two of our colleagues were jailed due to the final judgements in their case this month. Sinan Aygül, one of those imprisoned, was later released. Moreover, dozens of journalists appeared before the judge in June,” the report said.


The report addressed the police violence experienced by AFP reporter Bülent Kılıç while covering last week’s LGBT Pride in Istanbul. “While covering the 'Pride Parade' in Taksim, reporter Kılıç was subjected to severe violence and was left breathless after being laid on the ground and pressed on his neck. Attacks on journalists were not limited to this single event. Journalists were attacked by both police forces and various circles because of the news they made in several parts of Turkey. Thus, it was once again revealed that the journalists in Turkey can no longer carry out their activities in a safe environment,” the report noted.

 The report slammed the 'journalists' who cooperated with the state, gangs and mafia.

“Actually, these are the type of journalists that the government approve. The authorities should realize that journalists are not anyone's puppets, and those who report basing on government instructions are not considered journalists. Therefore, we urge the authorities to put an end to the violations of journalists’ rights, and to remove censorship and bans on the press,” the report added.


The report revealed that the number of journalists currently jailed in Turkey is 68. In June, 2 journalists were detained, 2 journalists were jailed, 8 journalists were attacked, 2 journalists were subjected to threats and forced to spying, journalists were prevented from following news on 7 occasions, 6 journalists were investigated, 4 journalists were sued. 3 journalists were sentenced to 8 years, 5 months, 2 days in prison, 96 journalists were tried in 34 cases, 1 journalist was subjected to rights violations in prison, 3 media outlets were fined by RTÜK, 21 news, 2 news sites, 33 digital media contents were barred access. 1 journalist was fired.