CUP MP brings issue of isolation of Abdullah Öcalan in Catalan Parliament

CUP MP Montserrat Vinyets demanded the release of Abdullah Öcalan in the Catalan Parliament.

Speaking in the Catalan Parliament, CUP MP Montserrat Vinyets Pages asked the CPT to intervene in the isolation imposed on Abdullah Öcalan and said: "In the name of responsibility and democracy, we want the immediate release of Mr. Öcalan and all Kurdish political prisoners."

The Catalan MP said: "I just want to say that this February marks the 25th anniversary of the imprisonment of the Kurdish Leader Mr. Abdullah Öcalan. He is held in a situation of total isolation. Last Tuesday, various MPs from different European Parliaments met his lawyers and other civil society organizations fighting for human rights in Turkey."

Vinyets continued: "For 3 years there has been no news about Öcalan. No information at all! Nothing! A situation that can only be considered a torture."

Vinyets added: "That's why we are here today, the 25th anniversary of his imprisonment, to speak up and to demand the intervention of the Council of Europe's Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT).

For responsibility and for democracy, we demand the immediate liberation of Mr. Öcalan and all Kurdish political prisoners."

Montserrat Vinyets Pages was one of the members of the delegation that travelled to Istanbul to hold talks against the absolute isolation imposed on the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, who has not been allowed to meet with him for 35 months in the Imrali F-type high security closed prison, raised the 25-year severe isolation imposed on Mr Abdullah Öcalan in the Parliament of Catalonia.

The delegation included Konstanze Kriese, Representative of the German Left Party; Maria Lorena Lopez De Lacalle, President of EFA (European Free Alliance); Ann Jessica Theresa Karlqvist, Representative of the Swedish Left Party and Left Forum; Josu Estarrona Elizondo, Senator of the Spanish National Assembly, Eh Bildu (Basque Country); Montserrat Vinyets Pages, Member of the Parliament of Catalonia (CUP); Ségoléne Amiot, Senator of the Non-Submissive France Party Group; Clément Evans, Advisor to the Non-Submissive France Party Group; and Hege Bae Nyholt, Member of the Norwegian Red Party.