YPG volunteer from the UK calls for support for the Kurdish struggle

YPG volunteer Aiden Aslin from the United Kingdom called on the international community to support the Kurdish struggle, remarking that they would have been in Raqqa already had Turkey not been involved.

YPG volunteer Aiden Aslin from the United Kingdom who came to Rojava to fight ISIS in 2015 is one of the combatants partaking in the Operation Wrath of Euphrates to liberate Raqqa from ISIS occupation.

Aslin, whose Kurdish name is Rojhat Rojava, said the followings in an interview with ANF.

“I first came to Rojava in 2015 April. Originally I came to fight ISIS. I stayed five months the first time, and then I left. When I came back this time I came back for the revolution and the ideology. I find the ideology as probably the only thing that's going to keep the Middle East at peace. Democratic Confederalism includes people of all races and I think this is something that we should be pushing forward to include in parts of Syria, United Syria.


Currently I'm at the front lines of Raqqa, we've just taken the town of Jazirah and we're still pushing towards Raqqa. At the moment ISIS is starting to put a bit more resistance but we've been rolling for the country side. Now that we've taken the town, they are putting a lot more resistance up against us. They know SDF is on the front door step of Raqqa and they know we're coming for them and they're getting scared and they're on the run.

Personally I don't want to go home, the first time I went home the British police arrested me and accused me of terrorism because I'm fighting against ISIS. I'll probably end up living in Kurdistan after this is finished.

My message to the British people and the American people and the West in general is get down to your local MPs, your congressmen, and help support the Kurdish cause. Not only the Kurdish cause but the SDF cause. We're on Raqqa's door step and we're coming hard for ISIS. We're coming back for vengeance and we need all the support we can get in the west because at the moment political troubles are arising along with Turkey. The more support we can get, the more support on the ground here we can get. So just get involved, do whatever you can.


We would have been in Raqqa already had Turkey not been involved. They illegally entered Rojava, Syria and are currently occupying land between Afrin and Kobane. They continuously attack our forces, they are attacking civilians. Had they not been involved we probably would've been in Raqqa right now and we would've dealt with ISIS. But because of that effort to slow us down and slow the Kurdish cause down, they've basically made ISIS last longer basically and this is all down to President Erdoğan.

It doesn't surprise me with Britain, they've got two messages. One message is that says they support the YPG, like militarily with air strikes. And then the other one is that they support the guys that are attacking the YPG. In my honest opinion, the arms deal between Turkey and Britain, and Britain saying that they support the YPG with the air strikes and then going behind the back and selling the weapons that are used to kill people here in our forces, is a foreign policy cluster.


My message goes to the ISIS fighters that are probably watching this; you've got no where to go, you've got no where to hide, your exit routes are cut off and the SDF are coming hard for you! You've got two options; you can either surrender or you can die. So you better check yourself before you wreck yourself.”