YPG fighter from the US: “Turkey is as much a threat as ISIS"

Kawa Zivistan, an international fighter from the US, points out that the threat is not limited to ISIS and says there is a risk that the Turkish state could attack Efrîn.

The resistance against ISIS in Rojava had turned international with the Kobanê Resistance. Since Kobanê, many internationalist fighters have come to join the YPG in the war against ISIS.

The latest operation against ISIS in Syria is the Operation Cizire Storm has many old and new internationalist fighters. One of them is Kawa Zivistan, who came in from the US a short while ago.

Kawa Zivistan spoke to the ANF from the battle front and pointed out that worldwide democratic confederalism has been born in Kurdistan and said, “This is a revolution for humanity. It’s not just for Kurdistan, it’s for the whole world.”

Zivistan was born in Brooklyn, NY. He worked in the medical sector in the US, and started to sympathize with the Kurdish Freedom Movement in 2014 while he was in university.

Here is our interview with the YPG fighter from the US.