Who is Sebahattin Asal, the man behind the Paris killings?

Tayyip Erdoğan is certainly no ordinary politician or administrator. He is a dictator and a despot who wants to implement a fascist genocidal system he has conceived for himself.

The character of the AKP government is understood better every day. The information provided by the MİT officials captured by the PKK expose the mentality, constitution and character of Tayyip Erdoğan and the AKP government. It has become clear now how they created this idea that they would resolve the Kurdish issue and sought an elimination policy instead. During the Oslo talks, on December 5, 2008, right after PKK administrators and the Oslo committee met through the intermediary committee, there was an airstrike. Four guards of the PKK members in the Oslo committee were martyred. And the PKK administrators and Oslo committee were only safe from the airstrike because they were cautious. As the committee that held the Oslo meetings were attacked, PKK founder Sakine Cansız and two revolutionary women were assassinated in Paris as the Imrali talks continued. The man who planned this massacre is none other than Sebahattin Asal, who went to the Imrali island and met with the Kurdish People’s Leader in the name of the state. Sebahattin Asal is the man who was present in the meetings with the Kurdish People’s Leader in Imrali along with Public Security Undersecretary Muhammed Dervişoğlu. There were others joining this state committee occasionally. Sebahattin Asal, the man who headed the group that planned the Paris Massacre, participated in many meetings in Imrali. The captured MİT members confessed to this.

Planning the Paris Massacre while holding meetings in Imrali is telling of the character of the AKP government. Sebahattin Asal is the man Erdoğan trusts the most. This man has taken on the dirtiest jobs in the AKP government along with Hakan Fidan. Being given the special task for Imrali shows how much Erdoğan trusts him in such affairs. As such, this man was given a special task for assassinations against the PKK administration as well. Sebahattin Asal is one of the holders of Tayyip Erdoğan’s secrets. A task like the Paris Massacre, something that will have international implications and put the AKP government in a difficult position if exposed, would only be given to somebody who was trusted and tight-lipped. Sebahattin Asal is understood to be exactly such a man.

This fact about the Paris Massacre coming to light shows that Tayyip Erdoğan never meant to resolve the Kurdish issue, and as the Kurdish People’s Leader stated, wanted to use this serious and most important problem in Turkey as a tool to hold on to power. It has since been better understood that the perception created by certain circles that the Kurdish issue would be resolved is purely propaganda. It was better seen that Tayyip Erdoğan didn’t have a mentality or a policy for a solution when he rejected the Dolmabahçe Accord. It was understood when he decided to ignore the June 7 elections in 2015. They prepared the Collapse Plan in the summer of 2014. In the October 30, 2014 meeting of the National Security Council, the decision was made to disband the Kurdish Freedom Movement through a violent and dirty war. The reason the June 7 elections were held was that Tayyip Erdoğan wanted to be president, and he wanted a legitimate government to implement this policy of elimination. When he failed to achieve that in the June 7 elections, he ordered the November 1 elections in an atmosphere of war. With the fascist alliance he built, he declared himself the legitimate government in the November 1 elections and escalated the genocidal war.

Erdoğan’s most loyal man being tasked with the Paris Massacre also explains the process of this expert in dirty warfare being sent to Imrali very well. With this, all the analyses of the Kurdish Freedom Movement regarding the AKP government have been confirmed. It has become clear that while the Kurdish People’s Leader and the Freedom Movement wanted to resolve the Kurdish issue through democratic means due to the responsibility they felt towards peoples, the AKP government wanted to crush the matter through war. The Kurdish People’s Leader said in all meetings that they were working for a solution but that was a weak possibility, and warned that the more possible outcome was a violent war. This analysis has since been confirmed. But instead of focusing on this more possible outcome and preparing accordingly, Kurds and the forces of democracy were caught off guard in an expectation for the weaker possibility. Because the AKP government had been preparing for war, or more accurately, forming all their policies and preparation over a violent war, some Kurds and forces of democracy were surprised when the war broke out. Davutoğlu had actually admitted that he had “ordered to prepare for this war one year ago”, back in 2015. Those who didn’t see or understand this policy must have woken up when they learned that the Paris Massacre was planned by a participant of the meetings.

Sebahattin Asal who instigated and guided the Paris Massacre was promoted afterwards to Deputy Chair of Strategic Intelligence. Strategic intelligence is intelligence that is very restricted within the state, only a few people would be privy to it - intelligence only known by Erdoğan and a few others. This is the department that carries out the operations that go against universal norms and laws, and are sometimes even illegal. The strategic intelligence department is also tasked with operations that very few people would have knowledge of. Sebahattin Asal is also Erdoğan’s MİT within the MİT. All dirty work is done by this department. Or rather, Tayyip Erdoğan has this man do his dirtiest work.

The forming of such dirty gangs coincides with times of violent power struggles. Right now Tayyip Erdoğan wants to shape the state according to himself. That is why he forms these gangs that do dirty work. Sebahattin Asal being tasked with such duties in the MİT makes Tayyip Erdoğan dirtier, and shadier.

Tayyip Erdoğan is certainly no ordinary politician or administrator. He is a dictator and a despot who wants to implement a fascist genocidal system he has conceived for himself. One can only fight these kinds of governments. No other way but fighting can be imagined against such governments. It is negligent to believe this government could be sent away in an election. These fascist dictators have no policies to resolve any issues. These politicians only think about oppression.

This needs to be said: Tayyip Erdoğan is the last representative of 20th century fascist dictatorships. Tayyip Erdoğan is the last remnant of 20th century fascist governments. His mindset and approach and method and character belong with the fascists of the 20th century. He wants to resolve all issues through force, violence, threats and blackmail. But that is a political understanding and style of administration that goes against the spirit of the time. More accurately, he resorts to 20th century fascist practices because his domestic and foreign policy is greatly weakened and he can’t keep his power intact any other way. He is taking a path that has expired and impossible to succeed. Because he emerged with such a policy and administrative style at the wrong time, he resorts to more despotic and dirty methods. This fascist remnant of the 20th century is enacted through actual human beings in real life like a theater play. People and humanity is being made to suffer. This play that inflicts suffering on humanity can only be ended through a fight. When people fight, this play and this nightmare that make actual societies and people suffer will be ended.