Voice recording of MİT agent Mustafa Karataş’s conversations

Mustafa Karataş was exposed during his espionage activity in Hamburg, Germany and voice recordings of his conversations with a high ranked MİT official have surfaced.

Mustafa Karataş was exposed during his espionage activity in Hamburg, Germany and voice recordings of his conversations with a high ranked MİT official have surfaced. The recordings the ANF is in possession of show Karataş planning how he will deliver the information and documents he gathered on Kurdish politicians to the MİT.

Mustafa Karataş is originally from Çorum, Turkey and has been living in Hamburg for years. He was exposed during his espionage activity against Kurdish institutions when voice recordings of a call between Karataş and a MİT official surfaced. Representatives from Kurdish institutions held a press statement yesterday and called on the German judiciary to action.

In the 18 minute recording, Mustafa Karataş and two people are constantly exchanging information. Karataş is presenting the MİT administrator with information and documents and promising that he will provide any and all information on Kurdish politicians. Karataş and the MİT official are heard travelling in a car while they talk. Kurdish politician Zübeyir Aydar, KCDK-E Co-chair Yüksel Koç, Die Linke MP Cansu Özdemir and former HDP MP Sevahir Bayındır are mentioned numerous times in the recording and Mustafa Karataş promises to gather any and all information and documents on Kurdish politicians. Karataş also admits to working for the German police for money and claims that he facilitated the arrests of Kurdish politician Bedrettin Kavak and other Kurdish politicians.


Some of the dialogue between Mustafa Karataş and the MİT official in the recordings ANF acquired are as follows:

MİT official: Mr. Mustafa, we will come and pick up the information, the documents. Wherever it is, it doesn’t matter. I can come anywhere. It’s not a problem. You will see me today like this, and tomorrow it will be different.

Mustafa K. It should be so.

MİT official: You can see me like this as well. These are not issues. There are one or two others who know of our mission. There aren’t many, and there’s no need for that. We will speak with the relevant people. You will be given an alternative in regards to support, there are no issues there, the financial side is not a problem.

MİT official: If you want to deliver the information and documents we need I will come and pick them up, in any way possible.


MİT official: Do you have any information on Zübeyir Aydar, did you do anything?

Mustafa K.: I don’t have information on Zübeyir Aydar. I know Yüksel Koç well. He was the chair of NAV-DEM and now he’s heading the KCDK-E.

Mustafa K.: I gave you the list...

MİT official: Yes, yes, I relayed it to the Gentleman but...

Mustafa K.: The names on that newspaper...

MİT official: I relayed it to Mr. Cemil. I gave the information to Mr. Cemil...

Mustafa K.: I can give all these in photos as well as names.

MİT Official: I’m telling you, I will come. I will come as a garbage man, as a mechanic. I will come in any way I want and take them, that is not an issue.

Mustafa K.: OK.

Mustafa K.: Then he told me “I will introduce you to someone.” Just the week when he was going to bring it, a friend of ours here is worried now that Mehmet Fatih Sayan has been arrested. He messaged me, told me to stay away, and he was coming in Monday. I took some money from him.

MİT Official: Now, let me tell you. I will fly to the Hague shortly and come back. There I will speak to the higher-ups about this matter in detail.

Mustafa K.: Sevahir Bayındır.

Mustafa K.: Sevahir Bayındır is the women’s representative of the ___ now.

MİT official: For the whole of Europe...

MİT Official: But we aren’t in a situation to do a pinpoint on Sevahir Bayındır now. We need certain, concrete information. There is the lack of opportunity to inform us at least 3 hours before. It is not clear where she’s staying today, where she’s staying tomorrow.