UN is an accomplice in the invasion and civilian deaths

If the UN has a responsibility for peace and humanity, it should be towards stopping the aerial attacks and artillery fire that cause civilian deaths. This invasion has no legitimacy whatsoever.

The United Nations (UN) official said they are concerned for the lives of civilians in the invasion operation in Afrin. He stated that the resistance fighters are preventing the civilians from evacuating villages and cities, in an attempt to have balance after criticizing Turkey’s civilian massacres. Here we see another example of the opportunist and hypocritical stance that we have seen a lot of recently. Why is it necessary to dish out some criticism for Kurds in order to criticize Turkey? Can’t anybody criticize Turkey without stabbing Kurds in this world? Has Turkey taken the whole world, including the UN, hostage like this? Why put yourself in such a bad situation just to avoid coming face to face with Turkey? This is not a diplomatic language, or a constructive one. This language is the language that encourages the Turkish state to tyranny and massacres. The speakers of this language become accomplices to the crimes of the AKP-MHP fascism. In the end, the UN has also become an accomplice in Turkey’s crimes. After this statement by the UN, the invaders in Afrin will kill civilians even more recklessly.

The operation to invade Afrin is revealing the character of all states and institutions. One can tell who has a conscience and morality, and who lack them and speak only out of interests, just by looking at the stance taken in the face of the Afrin invasion. It is seen once more that the United Nations heeds not peoples, communities or human beings but states. It should be United States Based on Interests, not United Nations. If they continue to act this way, they should consider the name change.

The fundamental strategy of the AKP-MHP fascism in the operation to invade Afrin is to push people out through aerial attacks and artillery fire, and to destroy everything through aerial attacks and artillery fire. Because the Turkish army is no longer capable of fighting on the ground. If not for the aerial attacks and random artillery fire, they do not have the will or the strength for a ground operation. A ground operation would have resulted in a huge defeat. For that, they launched the invasion after getting approval from Russia for an aerial attack. Aerial attacks and artillery fire are incapable of knowing what they target exactly. It’s especially hard to carry out aerial and artillery attacks in residential areas. They would have to either chance civilian massacres, or fail to achieve what they want. Those who build battles over aerial operations and artillery fire would have to make the civilians move away due to this strategy.

The Turkish army’s method for forcing the civilians to flee is hitting them with jets and artilleries. That is why they resort to killing just enough civilians that won’t create immediate public outcry. On one hand they hit civilians, and on the other they wage a psychological war by claiming the civilians are not allowed to move away. Because if civilians don’t abandon the villages, town and cities they live in, the strategy based on aerial attacks and artillery fire would collapse and their invasion would fail.

The people know the invading and genocidal character of the Turkish state, that is why the elderly resist alongside the youth, let alone abandoning their country. Because they know that the Turkish state aims for is invasion and genocide. Tayyip Erdoğan and his ministers say they will settle refugees in Antep, Hatay and Urfa in Afrin after invading the area. That would be possible through the forced migration of the Kurds and Arab, Turkmen and other peoples who are friends to the Kurds. So now, can these people be blamed for not leaving Afrin? Claiming that the people are prevented from leaving means speaking in line with the Turkish state’s desires.

There is an invasion operation, what is a people to do? Does the UN representative want the people to abandon Afrin? Is there a principle, tradition or a resolution that dictates the people should abandon their homeland in case of an attack? What kind of logic is this? When they should be saying the Turkish state is bombing with jets and tanks and calling the whole world to put a stop to this attack, they criticize the people for not leaving. This way, they become a part and supporter of the Turkish state’s invasion attack. The Turkish state is implementing an attack to de-Kurdify and depopulate Afrin and its surroundings. And the UN representative makes a statement that falls in line with this.

The peoples’ right to resist is legitimate. The peoples’ right to defend and not abandon their lands is legitimate. In Afrin, there is a resistance based on the people against armed invasion forces. The people resist along with their children. There is a people’s war. The people resist the invasion with and without arms. That is why they say they would die before they abandon their lands. Apparently the UN representative has an objection to this. According to him, there should be no resistance. The AKP-MHP fascism’s invasion hordes should just be able to invade Afrin in a snap. And the people should abandon their lands so these forces can complete the invasion in ease. One wishes to ask the UN representative, is legitimate defense a right, or should a people not defend their lands when an invader attacks? According to him, no, they shouldn’t defend their lands, they should abandon them. So the UN can pass a resolution like this, to dictate that peoples should abandon their homelands without legitimate defense in case of attacks! That is what the UN representative is saying. One guesses that they would like to make this desire of the Turkish state into a universal rule.

There is only one thing the UN official should be saying: He should have told the Turkish state to stop aerial attacks and artillery fire on civilian residential areas. He should have said the Afrin attack is wrongful and criminal. If the UN would take on some responsibility, this should have been their stance. On the contrary, rather than defending people and civilians, they have acted against their mission by legitimizing the Turkish state’s civilian massacres. The Turkish state is also trying to legitimize their massacres through the same explanation as the UN official. The Turkish state doesn’t see the people who refuse to abandon their villages and homeland as civilians. That is why they say they don’t kill civilians, even though over a hundred civilians have in fact been killed. Because the Turkish state thinks the world, like the UN official, is deaf, mute and blind to the truth, heeding only their lies.

This much is clear that the sentiment of the whole of the Kurdish people and the portion of humanity who uphold democracy is different from that of the UN official. The UN official doesn’t heed the Kurds’ voice, or the voice of humanity with democratic values, a conscience and morality. Because if they heed this voice, if he spoke in accordance with conscience and morality, they would be scolded by the AKP-MHP fascism. That is why they play both sides. The AKP-MHP fascism kills civilians with no regard to women or children in any case, without listening to anybody. That is why they are pleased with the UN’s support for the psychological warfare the AKP-MHP fascism employs to push the civilians away. That is why they have jumped on this statement by the UN official and started to strive to legitimize the death of these civilians.

The AKP-MHP fascism doesn’t only kill civilians, it also destroys nature around Afrin with their jets, tanks and artilleries. They have already destroyed thousands of olive trees. They have severely damaged the forests. They demolish everything including historic monuments and mosques. Of course the natural surroundings of Afrin is not important to the UN, the player of both sides in civilian deaths. Historical monuments are but piles of stones, when they belong to the Kurds. Afrin has become a stain on the UN, as well as many states and political powers.

Tayyip Erdoğan had said in 2006 that they would “do what is necessary, even if it’s women or children”. Back then, he said he would not refrain from any tyranny if he saw that his power was under threat. As such, he did in fact murder dozens of people including children shortly after this statement. Many massacres and murders have been committed with no regards to women or children during Tayyip Erdoğan’s rule. If the UN just considered the destroyed Kurdish cities in Bakurê (Northern) Kurdistan, like Cizre, Sur, Şırnak, Silopi and Nusaybin, or the civilians killed there, they would not have issued scandalous statements encouraging the Turkish state’s civilian massacres. The Afrin invasion has been launched to keep the AKP-MHP fascist rule going. That is why it would end up killing civilians, including women and children. Asking why the civilians don’t abandon their homeland, the UN has become an accomplice in the death of over a hundred civilians.

The UN should also consider this: Despite an army of a million soldiers, why didn’t the Turkish state launch this invasion before the air field was opened? Because the Turkish state knew that they couldn’t implement this invasion through clashes between armed forces. That is why they engaged in a dirty negotiation with Russia to open the air field, to be able to enter Afrin after demolishing it with aerial attacks and tank and artillery fire. They want to destroy the whole area to the point where not a single person can live there, and they want to invade. That is why they rain bombs on civilian areas to push civilians away. If there is something to convict, it should be this dirty war. If civilians stand against this dirty war by their chest as a shield, that should be considered a sacred stance for humanity. Should the UN’s suggestion for the people be submission to the Turkish state’s dirty war, or engaging legitimate defense? The people resisting the invaders with rocks and sticks is legitimate. This right can’t be brought into question.

If the UN has a responsibility for peace and humanity, it should be towards stopping the aerial attacks and artillery fire that cause civilian deaths. This invasion has no legitimacy whatsoever. The AKP-MHP fascism says this invasion is in accordance with UN laws. The UN, in not objecting by saying such a right is not included in their principles or law, becomes an accomplice in this crime. If they won’t be party to this crime, they should issue a statement that the UN principles, laws or traditions don’t include such a right at once and call on the world to object to this invasion. Or the UN will completely end itself, it will have disbanded itself.