Turkish intelligence looking to create chaos in Manbij

The Turkish state intensifies efforts to create internal chaos through intelligence, espionage and counter activity against Afrin.

The Turkish state has accelerated its espionage and counter activities in Manbij that they carry out through former ISIS and FSA gang members allied to them.

According to local sources in Manbij, the Turkish state is increasing the number of observation points around Manbij and spies in the villages. The spies are paid 400 dollars. Camps are set up close to the border of Manbij and are disguised with FSA flags.


The invading Turkish state has set up an observation and action room 2 km from the Mihsenli village to the north of Manbij to gather information about the city in particular. Mihsenli village is under Manbij, and an attack by Turkish gangs on May 3 had been voided there.

In Til Tihîn near Qibesin in Bab, a Turkish state garrison is being used as an intelligence room against Afrin for some time now.

The counter activity against Manbij is coordinated from the same place according to the information gathered from the same rooms.


The Turkish state carrying out counter activity in Manbij with Turkish intelligence MİT planning through certain hitmen is not new. They have been talking about their goal of invasion ever since Manbij was liberated, and the efforts they value most are counter activities. They carry out intelligence and counter activity through the gangs they call the “Euphrates Shield Forces” and ISIS remnants. From sabotages and assassinations against Manbij Military Council administrators, to car bombs and sonic blasts to disrupt the peace in the city and to intimidate the people, they use various methods.


One of the efforts the Turkish state relies most on is creating dissent among the Arab, Kurdish, Circassian, Turkmne and Armenian peoples in the city through gang cells, and to incite a riot against the Manbij Civilian Administration through the Arab people. The Turkish state attempted to create a conflict between the Arab and Kurdish people with arguments like, “The Kurds rule the city”, but the Arab people and the peoples of Manbij knew their own self government system well, and they didn’t fall for the propaganda.


The Arab, Kurdish, Turkmen, Circassian and Armenian peoples govern themselves in the Manbij Democratic Civilan Administration, and have representatives in the self-government proportionate to their population. The Manbij Democratic Civilian Administration is made up of 132 people, and there are 71 Arabs, 41 Kurds, 10 Turkmens, 8 Circassians and 1 Armenian representatives.


But, despite all efforts by the Turkish state, 90% of the people of Manbij are satisfied with Manbij governing itself. The Arab people who faced the reality of FSA and ISIS the closest never want to see FSA, or ISIS, or their paternal protector Turkey ever again. The people of Manbij are aware of the reality of the Turkish state and their gangs.