Turkey attacks, KDP wants to lay siege

The Xakurke attack is a new phase in the policies of war against Kurds. Approving and supporting this attack, the KDP becomes a partner in these policies.

The Turkish state has launched a new invasion operation. They invaded the Lelikan Hill in Xakurke last year with KDP’s support and now they want to invade the Ciyaye Sekif in Xakurke, with KDP support once again. In tandem with the Turkish state attacks, the KDP has sent peshmergas and heavy weapons to guerrilla zones, which shows they have a dirty plan in place. The KDP initiating a de facto invasion against guerrilla zones during the AKP-MHP fascist alliance’s invasion operation is reminiscent of the KDP-Turkish state relationship in the 1990’s. Remember, the KDP attacked the guerrilla alongside the Turkish state in 1996, 1997 and 1998. In 1992, the KDP and YNK attacked the guerrilla together, in a separate period.

The Turkish state attacks against the guerrilla, or the invasion operations against Bashure Kurdistan for that matter, are nothing new. Since the attack they called Operation Sun in 1983, there have been dozens of invasion operations against Bashure Kurdistan. In most of them, the Turkish state did enter Bashure Kurdistan but was later forced to withdraw, faced with guerrilla blows. In KDP controlled areas, however, they set up permanent bases in agreement with the KDP. Today, there are some 15 Turkish state bases under KDP approval and protection. The Turkish state continues to attack the guerrilla, while the KDP tells the guerrilla that they can’t carry out actions against these areas. The KDP defends those areas in the name of the Turkish state. These bases have been granted untouchable status in Bashure Kurdistan.

The Turkish state is now trying to expand the invasion operation and their bases in Bashure Kurdistan. The AKP-MHP alliance, with no understanding to resolve the Kurdish issue on a democratic basis and a wish for a Kurdish genocide, employs a policy of war against Kurds everywhere. The day the attack against the Shekif Mountain started in the Xakurke area started, Devlet Bahceli said, “The east of the Euphrates should also be targeted,” exposing the mindset behind this attack. The Xakurke attack is a new phase in the policies of war against Kurds. Approving and supporting this attack, the KDP becomes a partner in these policies. The Turkish state keeps their relationship with the KDP out in the open, claiming that they are fighting against terrorists and not Kurds. The Turkish state has argued that their fight against Kurds for a century is against bandits and those againt civilization. Saddam Hussein fought against the KDP with similar arguments.

KDP’s partnership in Turkish state attacks is a new example of KDP’s partnership with states that have genocidal-colonialist policies against Kurds. In the KDP’s political history there are many similar examples, not just in Bakure Kurdistan but Rojhilat Kurdistan as well. Some conspiring Kurds with a relationship with the KDP acting together with the gangs in the invaison of Afrin is the result of the same mindset. KDP and KDP-allied co-conspirator Kurds all think, if they don’t own it, they don’t care who does. One might even go so far as to say, they don’t care who owns something, as long as it’s not the Kurds not allied with them. In this sense, they are OK with any part of Kurdistan being under colonialist control, but it can’t be under control of any Kurdish movement! To that end, they collaborate with anti-Kurdish and genocidal forces. So they act together with genocidal colonialists to weaken the Kurdish movements outside of themselves. The worst thing is, some Kurds still think this is a normal policy, and lend it some legitimacy. Xakurke is being invaded. The KDP is a partner in this, but the Kurdish public is not protesting this enough. Those who fear they will go against the KDP if they object to this invasion remain silent. Such is the deadend in Kurdistan. KDP is engaged in such a dirty and deadend policy, like it is normal.

KDP had declared to the public before that they would not clash with the guerrilla again. When Hewler was about to fall in 2014, the guerrilla stopped ISIS from taking over Hewler, like they did for Shengal. KDP’s President Masoud Barzani went to Maxmur to thank the guerrillas publicly. Now KDP is in battle positions alongside Turkey against the guerrilla who rescued Bashure Kurdistan from ISIS invasion. Alongside the Turkish state and the AKP government that they criticized for not helping as Hewler was being invaded, no less. Apparently, Kurds forget easily. KDP is almost telling the guerrilla, ‘If you rescue us, we will treat you like this along with Turkey, who backs ISIS.’ What intelligence, conscience or morality has space for such actions?

According to news and information that reach us, the Turkish state launches attacks against guerrilla zones and invades the area on one hand, and on the other the KDP wants to enter the guerrilla zones to set up outposts. They aim to cut off the guerrilla’s passageways to prevent actions against the invading Turkish army. This shows that the Turkish state and the KDP are acting together and in tandem as part of a deal. KDP has taken on a role against the guerrilla, let alone aiding the guerrilla in their fight against the invaders. And that, although  it is not openly voiced, means that they have declared war against the guerrilla together with the Turkish state. That is what it means when the KDP positions peshmergas aroudn guerrilla areas as the Turkish army wants to expand their invasion. KDP seems to be engaged in policies thirsty for Kurdish blood alongside the genocide proponents once again. There is no doubt that our people in all parts of Kurdistan and the Kurdish public has a responsibility to stand against this.