“The return of ISIS is planned for with the invasion of Idlib”

Jaysh Al-Thuwar Commander General Abu Ali Barada stated that the people and the politicians of Idlib will resist Turkey’s invasion. Barada stated that there is an alliance between Nusra and Turkey since the day the Syrian civil war started.

Jaysh Al-Thuwar (Army of Revolutionaries) Commander General Abu Ali Barada stated that he has been fighting the Syrian Baath regime since 2011 and that he knows Turkey’s approach towards the Syrian people and the Syrian revolution very well.

Barada spoke to the ANF and said the following:

“In the first days of the Syrian revolution, we formed the Thuwar Syria group in Idlib with Jamal Maruf and fought against the Syrian Baath regime. Later, we fought against ISIS and Nusra attacking Idlib. By the end of 2014, the US and Western countries asked us to move our forces to the Jabal az Zāwiyah mountain in Idlib. We gathered our forces from Azaz, Aleppo, Bab, Idlib, Hama, Homs and some other places and positioned them in Jabal az Zāwiyah. When by late 2014 ISIS’ defeat in Kobanê got underway, Turkey activated Nusra around Idlib. The first act of Nusra was to disband our forces gathered in Jabal az Zāwiyah. There were intense clashes. Even though we knew Turkey was setting Nusra on us to attempt to disband us, Jamal Maruf went and sought refuge with Turkey. And along with a group under my control, I fought my way into Shehba to meet with Jaysh Al-Thuwar. Since that day, we have been working within the Jaysh Al-Thuwar for the Syrian peoples’ revolution.”


Barada stated that recently there have been news that Turkey had struck a deal with Al Nusra and added that there has never been any conflict or clashes between Turkey and Nusra. He said: “Since the beginning, Turkey has opened the doors for all Al Qaeda commanders, from the lowest to the highest ranked, to enter its territory. Turkey opened the doors wide for all radicals, all Al Qaeda groups that wanted to cross into Syrian territory, and closed them for the migrants who wanted to flee the war and violence in Syria. The gates were opened to some migrants to have negotiating power with the US and Europe, and to make the camps they were to set up for the gangs official.”


Barada said some groups in Idlib act like the military wing of the AKP and added:

“Because these are groups founded by the AKP. These groups are Feylak Al Sham, Ahrar Us Sham and Sixor El Sham. All the groups they maneuvered as the Euphrates Shield and used as the strike force are in this category as well. Now they transferred some of the gang groups they used for the Euphrates Shield here as well. These groups, even though they are Al Qaeda groups, want to invade Idlib with Nusra, who have been acting together with Turkey since the beginning. Idlib falling under Nusra control will mean that Turkey is controlling it. But now, like this, as they market Nusra internationally, i.e. to Iran and Russia, they will try to take advantage of this and implement their own plans.”


Barada said the people of Idlib will resist Turkey’s invasion and added: “Some groups and individuals will not allow Turkey to invade Idlib. They will at least wage a serious war against Turkey and its gangs. Because Turkey is not invading Idlib to fight the regime and Al Qaeda. This invasion is against the Syrian people and the people of Idlib. These groups and individuals are very well aware of this. The people of Idlib, the politicians and the fighters will stand against Turkey’s invasion and fight it as well they can, to not allow Turkey’s neo-Ottoman dreams to come to pass. Turkey invading Idlib is Al Qaeda being made official in Idlib. The people and politicians of Idlib will resist this as well. They won’t allow Turkey or Al Qaeda groups to remain in Idlib anymore.

Nobody is stronger than the people. With the people behind them, the groups that have been in Idlib from the beginning will fight against Turkey if Turkey invades.”


Barada stated that Turkey invading Idlib will mean they have made Iran and Russia accept the rule of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood and continued: “Turkey will enter to invade Idlib. That is trampling the will of the peoples of Syria and Idlib. Entering Idlib along with their gangs with support from Russian jets will be a hit against all the peoples of Syria, and particularly the people of Idlib.”


Jaysh Al-Thuwar Commander General Abu Ali Barada pointed out that a way for ISIS to get back into the region is being explored with the invasion attempt and added: “The plan in place is for Nusra and ISIS to hold the mountainous terrain of Idlib as two strike forces. That is why they want to pave a way for ISIS to return to the region with the invasion. ISIS and Nusra are forces that have been in alliance with Turkey since the beginning. And now they are being added to an alliance with Iran and Russia.”