The HDP has a historical tradition and 40 years of experience, says deputy Nuran Imir

HDP deputy Nuran Imir rejected the demand to close the HDP and reminded that the people of Kurdistan have been in the field of politics for 40 years.

Following the decision to strip HDP deputy Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu of his deputyship, an indictment was prepared demanding the closure of the HDP.

HDP Şırnak MP Nuran Imir spoke to ANF about these latest developments and said that the AKP government has been planning to eliminate the HDP since 2015. “On 17 March, our deputy Mr. Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu was dismissed from parliament, and then a case was filed against the HDP.”

Imir added: “This step was taken to strengthen Bahçeli's hand at the MHP congress. At the same time, they want to eliminate the Kurdish political movement and democratic politics. But they do not know that HDP has 40 years of tradition and political experience. There are millions of volunteers of the Kurdish struggle against this inhumane blockade."

AKP-MHP can’t govern the country

Stating that the AKP-MHP is trying to survive also through its hostility towards Kurdish values, Imir continued: "The AKP-MHP government can’t rule the country. The crises and chaos are getting deeper and deeper. They are attacking the HDP to suppress the reactions against them. If the Kurdish issue is not resolved, democratization in Turkey will never be, and the country will continue to face crises in all fields. Social, political and economic crises are already there. The AKP is no longer able to manage the country neither inside nor outside.”

Imir added: “The AKP-MHP alliance is hostile to the Kurdish people and develops racism in order to survive. Kurdish people are fighting for a life together. But the AKP is acting for its own interests today. When we look at the AKP's policies, its personal interests are also in trouble. They sell the people they set out with for these interests. They have no intention to serve the people."

Problems are deepening

Stressing that the purpose of the attacks against the HDP is to hit their struggle, Imir said: "They want to prevent the current discussions with these plans. Because the political and economic crises and problems in the country are getting deeper. Instead of dealing with these problems, the AKP government tries to cover them up. The Gare operation has marked a change of step. The government reacted with a new crack down on the HDP to cover its own failures.”

Imir added that the HDP “will never allow the values ​​of this country to be sacrificed for the interests of the AKP-MHP. Today, there are not only attacks on the HDP, all opposition organizations are targeted. We defend democracy, law, rights and freedom in this country. If peace, democracy, wanting to live together and defending the Kurdish existence is a crime, then we are all committing this crime. This system sacrifices the people to its interests. We struggle to serve the people. The HDP is the party of the peoples and embraces the whole society."

40 years of tradition

Reminding that the people of Kurdistan have been struggling in the field of politics for nearly 40 years, Imir said: "For the past 40 years, Kurdish politics have been faced with this hostility. Kurdish parties have been illegally closed many times. But they can never prevent Kurdish politics. Even if the HDP is unlawfully shut down. However, after every party’s closure we got stronger. We have a historical tradition.”