SDF fighters: We'll turn towards wherever there is tyranny and darkness

As the Operation Wrath of Euphrates continues, SDF forces announced from the Laqta village, which was taken in the first operation, that they are launching the third stage of the operation to liberate Raqqa from ISIS.

There are numerous Northern Syrian fighters taking part in the Operation Wrath of Euphrates. People's/Women's Defense Units (YPG/YPJ), self defense forces and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are taking part in this operation.

SDF member Gabar Demhat spoke on the operation and said the following: “We as the Syrian Democratic Forces have prepared ourselves for the great Raqqa operation. ISIS has obscured Raqqa’s colors, and created great tyranny and oppression. That is why the people need liberation. And we will continue our operation until the people here are liberated. We have launched and are continuing this operation by the demand of the people. SDF consists of several Syrian forces. YPG, YPJ, SDF, Sotoru all came together to liberate Raqqa. The people here have suffered through this tyranny and hardship for the last four years. They have faced exiles and massacres.”


SDF member Mihemed Tahir also said they launched the operation by the demand of the people and added:

“We launched the third stage of the operation. This operation has been launched by the demand of the people here. We have high morale and enthusiasm. We will save the people from the ISIS gangs. I hope that after this operation, we will clear all of Northern Syrian lands from ISIS.”

A fighter from the self defense forces said the following: “The unity of peoples was made possible after so many areas were liberated in Rojava. That is why the people are now turning towards the Syrian Democratic Forces. The time to save the people from the cycle of darkness and tyranny has drawn close. At the same time, we are liberating Rojava and we will turn towards wherever there is oppression and tyranny and darkness to destroy.”


Another self defense forces fighter said: “I am a soldier of the self defense forces. The first operation was a success. This last 3 months or so, we have been training so we can launch the third operation. We are in this operation with 50 people. The second operation is also carried out successfully. Now we have launched our third operation. We have attack units in our troop. I hope that the operation will end in great success.”