Resistance against Turkish occupation - 11 October - LIVE BLOG

The peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria are resisting to the attacks of the invading Turkish army and its mercenaries.


Anti-Terror Units of Manbij Military Council neutralized an ISIS member who attempted a suicide attack in the city center. According to the statement by Manbij Military Council, the ISIS terrorist was neutralized while trying to enter the city on Ezir village road.


Turkish jets are heavily shelling the Mitan Junction and the Industry area in Serekaniye.


Serekaniye city and surroundings are under intense aerial bombardment. Turkish troops are attacking the area with howitzers amid scout activities over the vicinity.


Turkish attacks target the Kurdish Red Crescent Heyva Sor a Kurd ambulances that are trying to reach Serekaniye to retrieve the wounded.


Fierce clashes reported between SDF and the Turkish army in Qeremox and Goran villages east of Kobanê. The area is targeted with intense howitzer and artillery fire. According to reports from the ground, SDF fighters have inflicted heavy blows on Turkish troops.

In the village of Goran which is under Turkish attack for three days, a 60-year-old civilian named Îdan Şêx Ehmed has lost his life.

SDF units continue to retaliate against the attacks which focus on the surroundings of Kobanê. Retaliation actions by SDF units left two military points destroyed.

Reports of Coalition aircraft activity over Kobanê following the Turkish bombardment on Mishtenur Hill where international coalition forces are also located. Clashes in Kobanê continue.


The village of Sermisax in Girke Lege, located at the border with Turkey, is heavily shelled by the Turkish army.


Occupation forces bombed Ayn Diwar village of Derik, leaving two civilians wounded.


Iraqi President Barham Salih called for an emergency meeting by the Arab League to discuss Turkish military offensive against northern Syria.


Turkish forces attack Qamishlo city center with artillery fire, wounding many civilians.


Warplanes belonging to the invading Turkish army are heavily bombing in and around Serêkaniyê. The Turkish army is simultaneously attacking with howitzers. Reconnaissance flights are also particularly activie over the center and surrounding Serêkaniyê.

The ambulances belonging to Heyva Sor a Kurd, who are wanted to be send to the region for the wounded in Serêkaniyê, are targeted by the occupying Turkish state.


The villages of Qeremox and Goran in the east of Kobanê are experiencing violent clashes between the invading Turkish army and SDF forces.

The area is heavily bombed with howitzers and cannon shots. According to information from the region, SDF forces successfully hit the Turkish army.

A civilian named Şêx Ehmed (60) was killed in the village of Goran, where the invading Turkish army bombing for 3 days. The SDF continues to respond to the occupying forces currently bombing Kobane and its surroundings. In SDF retaliatory actions two occupying military points were destroyed. Following the attack by the invaders who bombed the Mistenur Hill, coalition planes started to fly in the skies of Kobane. The clashes in Kobane continue.


The invading Turkish army is intensely bombing the village of Sermisax of Girkê Legê on the border.


Protests against the Turkish state's invasion of North East Syria were organised with actions in Athens, Lavrio, Arhens and Limassol.

Turkish state protests in Greece and Cyprus


Demonstrations were held in Rome, Turin and Venice.

The Turkish army and their mercenaries are targeting the village of Eyn Dîwar in Dêrik. Two civilians were injured in the bombing.


President of Iraq Berhem Saleh demanded an urgent meeting of the Arab League to discuss the Turkish state's occupation attacks on North East Syria.


Young people from Kurdistan, living in Cologne, are calling for the Kurdish people to mobilize. The young people who came together for the action in front of the HBF in Cologne called for an increase in actions.


The invading Turkish army bombs Qamishlo city center with artillery shots. Many civilians were injured in the attack.


Başurê Kurdistan was standing for Rojava today

The invasion of Rojava and North East Syria by the occupying Turkish state is followed with attention in Basurê Kurdistan. Starting from the first day of the invasion attacks, Başurê Kurdistan have reacted.


The occupying Turkish state accelerated the psychological war. False news and lies are spread about Sêrekaniyê such as that Turkish troops have entered the city centre. 

ANF journalist Ersin Çaksu denied this information and shown footages to support the claim.




The invading Turkish state bombed Mishtenur hill, where the International Anti-ISIS Coalition base is located in Kobane. After the bombing, International Coalition warplanes and helicopters have been active.


Turkish forces shelled with howitzers the vicinities of two prisons where ISIS prisoners are held in Mishtenur, Kobanê at around 21:25 local time.


Two military bases from which Turkish forces carried out attacks against Kobanê and surroundings, have been struck by the fighters on Kobanê front. One of the cannon balls fired from these Turkish bases landed in the Kaniya Kurdan neighborhood and the other near the US base in Mishtenur. While the Turkish artillery attack continues, SDF retaliate with heavy weapons.  


Occupation forces are heavily shelling the surroundings of the Dirbesiye district.


ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in Qamishlo.


North and East Syria Foreign Relations Department Spokesman Kemal Akif said that 10 civilians have lost their lives as a result of Turkey’s attacks, while 70 thousand people were displaced.


SDF Spokesman Kino Gabriel refuted Turkey’s allegations that SDF targeted Nusaybin, a district of the Mardin province in the Kurdish region of Turkey at the border.


Turkish forces are heavily shelling the areas of Mela Ebas, Til Xatûn and Dêrna Qulinga in Tirbespiye. SDF fighters are retaliating against the attacks.


Turkish army deliberately struck the surroundings of Jirkin and Navxure prisons where ISIS members are held in North and East Syria. Sources on the ground report that ISIS prisoners attempted to break out of prison taking advantage of the Turkish shelling in the surroundings. According to reports, 5 ISIS members have escaped from prison.


Turkish army and mercenaries bomb the village of Himo west of Qamishlo.


Self-defense Forces fighter Mihemed Zuhêr who fell in the battle against Turkish invasion, has been laid to rest in Dugirê village of Tirbespiyê.


SDF fighters have captured three mercenaries alive, one in the Öiche hamlet on the eastern front and two on Aleppo-Serekaniye road.


Attacks of the occupation forces left six civilians wounded in Sheikh Isa town of Shehba. Names of those injured are: Zerîfe Hemaco (59), Kewser Hemaco (6) , Cemal Hemaco (4), Zêneb Hemaco (14), Ayşe Hemaco (13) and Mihemed Hemaco (9).


People protested against Turkish military offensive in Zorava neighborhood of Damascus.


After Finland and Norway, the Netherlands also announced suspending arms trade to Turkey over its military offensive against North and East Syria.


Activists from the Kurdish Revolutionary Youth Movement (Tevgera Ciwanên Şoreşger) held a civil disobedience action at the Amnesty International office in Paris in protest at the Turkish invasion against North and East Syria.


SDF fighters repelled the Turkish forces’ attacks against Girke Lege. The Turkish army and allied mercenaries attempt to take the village of Banokiye which is located in the north of Girke Lege and close to the border. The attacks were repelled following fierce clashes in the village.


ISIS mercenaries’ attempt for attacks in Raqqa and Tabqa was frustrated. Three members of an ISIS cell were killed during clashes that erupted in Raqqa’s Mansura town during their preparation to attack Raqqa and Tabqa.


The People’s Council of Syria said Turkish operation explicitly violated the UNSC decisions and vowed to “counter the aggression with all legitimate means”.


Five ISIS prisoners broke out of the Navkure Prison after Turkish bombardment on the surroundings of the prison at around 6 pm today.


Turkish forces are heavily shelling the Qidurbek neighborhood of Qamishlo, injuring many civilians.


Turkish army bombed the village of Sinoke in Qamishlo’s Tirbespi district.


Turkish forces shell the surroundings of Gire Spi with howitzers and heavy weapons.


The car bomb attack carried out by ISIS mercenaries in Qamishlo this afternoon killed a civilian and wounded three others.


Fierce clashes reported between SDF fighters and the Turkish army with allied mercenaries in the east of Serekaniye. According to reports, 14 mercenaries have been killed here.


SDF fighters destroyed an armored vehicle and damaged a DShK-mounted military vehicle in the vicinity of Hamlet Micî west of Serekaniye.


Turkish air raids on the village of Bedi south of Gire Spi killed three civilians and wounded many more.


SDF fighters have destroyed an armored vehicle of the Turkish army in the vicinity of Serekaniye where 5 Turkish-backed mercenaries were killed and one military vehicle rendered unusable.


Turkish army is shelling the villages of Sermsax, Heyaka, Girkê Xezna and Derna Axî in Girke Lige city of Qamishlo Canton, close to the border with northern Kurdistan, the Kurdish region of Turkey bordering Rojava.


Turkish army and ally jihadists bombed the village of Sheikh Is in Shehba, wounding six civilians.


Occupation forces are heavily shelling the Derik region with heavy weapons. Retaliating against the attacks, SDF fighters have destroyed a military vehicle of the Turkish army in the Berav village northeast of Derik.


Explosion in Qamishlo


SDF Press Office announced the identities of the 7 fighters who were martyred in Turkish aggression against North and East Syria.


SDF fighters destroyed a DShK-mounted vehicle and a panzer near the Meçê hamlet east of Serekaniye.


Thousands took to the streets in Sulaymaniyah in protest at Turkish aggression against Rojava.


Turkish forces bombed the Munir Habib Avenue in Qamishlo city center with mortars, resulting in injuries.


People in Piranshahr city of East Kurdistan (Rojhilat) took to the streets in protest at Turkish invasion operation against Northeast Syria.


Turkish army attacks the Ziheriye village northeast of Derik with heavy weapons.


Guerrillas have enhanced their actions in response to the Turkish state’s military incursion into Northeast Syria. 11 soldiers of the Turkish army were killed and a helicopter damaged.


SDF fighters repelled the attacks of the Turkish army and mercenaries against the village of Um al-Xer in the Sefih district north of Serekaniye. While the occupation forces were forced to retreat from the area, the village remains under SDF control.


Taking advantage of the Turkish incursion into northern Syria, Iranian and Syrian forces prepare for an attack against SDF-held areas in Deir ez-Zor. According to information we obtained from reliable sources, an Iranian commander from the regime’s air defence intelligence held a meeting with Iranian and Syrian forces yesterday. The meeting took place in the center of Iranian Hec Eli el-Cifrî in Deir ez-Zor.


Retaliating against the attacks of the Turkish state, SDF forces in Qamishlo hit the positions of Turkish intelligence MIT and police forces in Nusaybin district of Mardin. A recent attack by Turkish forces left two civilians wounded here.


The Turkish military squadron in Şenyurt neighborhood of Mardin’s Kızıltepe district has been evacuated because of the clashes in the border area.


The Turkish army and mercenaries shell the village of Yabise in Gire Spi where they suffered heavy losses. Turkey wants to invade this village but SDF fighters are resisting bravely and not allowing the occupation forces to advance.


Civilians wounded in attacks on Qamishlo.


Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) announced that two Turkish soldiers and two Turkish-backed terrorists were killed in a series of sabotage actions carried out by their fighters in Afrin and Shehba regions on October 10.


Rubart Colvile, spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, announced that the Turkish state massacred seven civilians, including two women and one child, in two days.


A mortar shell was fired into Qamishlo, hitting the Antariya Sharki Square. Reports of injuries among civilians.


Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) Executive Committee Member and People’s Defense Central Headquarters (HSM) Commander Murat Karayılan saluted the Rojava resistance and expressed their solidarity.

Karayılan said; “Our people should resist with the spirit of Kobanê and the experience of Afrin. YPG/YPJ fighters will defeat Turkish invasion. If the fighters and people resist together, victory is certain."


In line with the attacks of the Turkish army and allied mercenaries against North and East Syria, the ISIS sleeper cells in Deir ez-Zor targeted al-Busera town People’s Council Co-president who was injured in a mine attack and hospitalized.

ISIS mercenaries also attacked the al-Shahal Hospital east of Deir ez-Zor.


In the clashes going on in Girê Spî and Serêkaniye, the invaders and their mercenaries are suffering from many losses. Since last night, the bodies of 10 soldiers were brought to Ceylanpinar Hospital. At least 100 mercenaries died last night after coming to the city center and retreated.


Protests continue in southern Kurdistan. After the protests in many cities in the last two days, the people of Halabja, Kelar and Sengaser are protesting Turkish occupation. Under the leadership of KNK in Hewler, Hewler intellectuals, writers and politicians will come together to plan their actions against the occupation and international initiatives.

In Sulaymaniyah, Friday prayer will be held in Azadi Park for Rojava freedom and victory.


There have been protests going on in Rojhilat since Thursday. In Sine, a group of lawyers affiliated with the Union of Lawyers called on the United Nations and the Islamic Republic of Iran to act and stop the Turkish invasion attacks.

In a statement made on behalf of the Kurds of Xorasan, the invasion attacks were condemned and a call was made to gathered in front of the Turkish consulate.


SDF fighters hit the military bases of the invading Turkish army with heavy weapons in the villages of Sêlim and Boban in the west of Kobanê and the villages of Elî Shar and Bozik in the east.


According to SDF sources speaking to ANHA, 40 Turkish-backed mercenaries that attacked the Yabise village west of Gire Spi have been killed.


A group of young people from Ranya region of South Kurdistan announced that they were ready to go to Rojava against Turkish invasion.


Attacks of occupation forces have been repelled in the Mihcera region east of Serekaniye. Reports that many terrorists have been killed in this area.


Many residents of the Ceylanpınar and Akçakale districts of Urfa province have left their homes following the invasion operation launched by the Turkish army.


Serekaniye Military Council Commander Imad Meno stated that the Turkish army and ellier mercenaries have suffered heavy losses in the face of the SDF resistance against attacks.


Turkish attack on Gire Spi injured two civilians, one of them a child. Two other civilians, Yasir Elî Selo (30) and Ehmed Abdullwehab (65), were wounded in bombardments against the village of Elî Bacilye.


Occupation forces’ attacks on the village of Metîn to the east of Kobanê killed a 60-year-old civilian named Îdan Şêx Ehmed.


SDF fighters inflicted a heavy blow on the occupation forces that attempted to infiltrate into Serekaniye. 9 Turkish-backed mercenaries were killed in ensuing clashes.


An internationalist posted a message in French on Facebook: "We are an internationalist group of 10 people who fight alongside our Kurdish, Arab, Turkish, Armenian and Assyrian comrades in Serêkaniyê. If the imperialist states cannot overcome their cowardice to save us, then we trust our revolutionary comrades to avenge us. The targets are known, destroy them!”


French Minister of European Affairs Amélie de Montchalin said that the European sanctions against the Turkish state are "on the table, and will be discussed at the Council of Europe next week."


The invading Turkish army and mercenaries bombed the Assyrian Church of the Virgin Mary in Til Cîhan village, northwest of Tirbespiyê with heavy weapons.








New mercenary groups were brought to Ceylanpinar, accompanied by armored vehicles of the invading Turkish army. Ambulance sirens are often heard in the city.


An American soldier in Syria spoke to a Fox News reporter, detailing the Turkish “atrocities” already unfolding. "I am ashamed" of Trump's betrayal.


The soldier told FOX: "Turkey is not doing what it agreed to, it’s horrible." He added that they are already witnessing Turkish atrocities on the frontlines. He went on to explain that Kurdish forces met all of their obligations under their security agreements and do not pose a real threat to Turkey.


Stating that the Kurds respected all agreements, the soldier said: "There was no threat for Turks on this side of the border. This is insanity - he added - I don’t know what they call atrocities but they are happening."


Kurds living in the Autonomous Republic of Adygea of ​​the Russian Federation protested the Turkish state's invasion of North-East Syria with an action.


The invading Turkish army fires cannons in the villages of Kilûte, Soxanekê and Aqîbê in the Şêrawa district of Afrin.


Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis condemned the Turkish government attack of Northern and Eastern Syria with harsh words: "Turkey has violated international law in unprecedented ways." 


There are violent clashes between the occupying Turkish army and mercenaries and SDF fighters in the east of Sêrekaniye. The mercenaries are taking their dead and wounded to Ceylanpinar. SDF fighters are carrying out a great resistance.


The occupying Turkish army bombs Girê Spî from air and land.