PKK's Karayılan: Erdoğan works as a spokesman for the jihadists

Murat Karayılan, a member of the Executive Committee of the PKK, commented on the latest developments in Kurdistan and the Middle East.

In a special broadcast on Stêrk TV, Murat Karayılan, a member of the PKK Executive Committee, commented on the importance of the Kurdish guerrilla and the situation in Idlib and Afrin.

"The guerrillas not only fight for the Kurdish people, but for all the oppressed peoples. In the current situation, the Turkish state wants to occupy Syria, Iraq and Southern Kurdistan. This intention is a great danger not only for the Kurdish people, but also for all other peoples in the Middle East. The Turkish expansionist policy is based on neo-Ottoman aspirations and threatens all peoples. The ideology of Turanism and nationalism are intended to be expanded. Therefore, the struggle of the guerrillas is as much a democratization of Turkey as a free and equal coexistence of peoples in the entire region."

The lie about the annihilation of the PKK

Commenting on the recent statements from the Turkish regime that the PKK is starving and can no longer procure food, Karayılan said: "In autumn 2016 and also in April 2017, the Turkish state spread the lie that the PKK is about to be annihilated. "Nobody will pronounce the name PKK anymore because the PKK will be destroyed this winter," they said. The guerrillas, however, are part of the people. If the state could ever be able to prevent the guerrillas from getting food, it would probably have done so within the last 35 years. The same methods have been tried before, embargoes have been enforced, but have the guerrillas been wiped out? The state representatives pretend that they are saying something completely new, but it is something the state has often tried to do. I'll say it quite clearly: The guerrillas will not have any problems with that."

Idlib agreement is short-lived

In his assessment of current developments in the region, Karayılan also commented on the Idlib agreement between Turkey and Russia: "This agreement is a short-term arrangement that will not last for long. Erdoğan has pleaded with the Russian leader in Sochi that Idlib should remain under his control at least until next spring. Its war and economic policies are aligned with the local elections in March. If he was to be expelled from Idlib before, he would lose the election. That is why there is this agreement and it is pretended that it is a lasting solution. Of course Russia benefits as well.

With their current understanding of politics, however, there can be no agreement between the two sides because Erdoğan represents the line of the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda. As you know, the Turkish state supports these forces. However, the Syrian regime and Russia are against this line. Of course, states always follow their own interests. Therefore, the Idlib agreement can last a little longer. In the long run, however, it will be short lived.

Erdoğan works as a spokesman for the jihadists

Erdoğan openly speaks as spokesman for the Al-Nusra gangs. He thinks he can fool everyone if the jihadists pull back some of their heavy weapons a few miles. At the moment, there are even some groups that oppose it. Erdoğan uses the MIT (Turkish intelligence service) to convince these groups. Currently, the jihadists of al-Nusra are still in their positions. They did not abandon the area designated as a buffer zone but, on the contrary, continued to expand their positions on Erdoğan's orders and withdrew only a few heavy weapons as alleged evidence of withdrawal. In this respect, the promise given to Russia has not been kept. In addition, relations between the local jihadists, including ISIS, and the Erdoğan regime have been proven. We've always said that, but now it's happening in front of everyone."

Ethnic cleansing in Afrin

Karayılan continued, criticizing the international silence on the occupation of Afrin and said that ethnic cleansing is taking place in the region: "Those who do not oppose the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan are equally silent on the machinations of Erdoğan and his jihadists in Afrin. They make themselves accomplices. And why? Kurds live in Afrin and war crimes take place. Where are all the international human rights organizations? The people of Afrin are expelled and deported, Arabs from Ghouta and other places are transferred to Afrin. All international forces only watch because it suits them well.

Our people and the public should know that those responsible for this fascist genocide will be held accountable. No one should assume that the massacres and ethnic cleansing will go unpunished. The Kurdish people also have political strength and armed forces. It is only important that the population in all parts of Kurdistan uses the given opportunities. The conditions for the victory of the peoples of Kurdistan and the region are good."