Peace Mothers: The KDP refuses to hand over bodies of our martyrs

Peace Mothers went to Semalka Border Gate and wanted to meet with the KDP authorities once again. They said that they would protest until the bodies of their martyrs were delivered and called on the Kurdish people to "not remain in silence".

The HPG Press Center announced that 5 of a group of 7 guerrillas who fell into an ambush set up by the KDP in Xelîfan on 29 September 2021 had fallen as martyrs. KDP forces, on the other hand, did not take responsibility for the ambush and did not deliver the bodies to the families.

Thereupon, the Jazira Region Martyrs' Families Council launched an action at the Semalka Border Gate for the guerrilla bodies to be delivered. Institutions and organizations in the region also support the action, which is also attended by the people of Northern and Eastern Syria.

On the other hand, the Peace Mothers of Rojava, who are constantly on the streets demanding that their sons’ bodies be returned, wanted to give a letter to the Fişxabur Border Gate officials on the 7th, 16th and 61st days of the protest. The mothers were constantly given excuses such as "no one is there, they are on leave".

Mothers of Peace Şemsixan Gulo and Suad Mistefa, who wanted to give a letter on 4 December 2021, spoke to ANF about what happened.

Peace Mother Şemsixan Gulo said: "As Mothers of Peace, we wanted to give a letter to the KDP officials. However, they have not given us an answer so far. If someone falls a martyr anywhere in the world, they give their body to their family. Our martyrs also have families. Why don't they give us their bodies? We are told that the bodies are not in Bashur. If they can prove that the bodies are not there, they should do so. We can prove that the bodies are in Bashur."

Referring to the unity of Kurdistan and the brotherhood of the Kurds, Şemsixan Gulo criticized the attitude of the peshmergas towards them and said: "Kurdistan is one and Kurds are all brothers. The Kurdish people have hope for Bashur, but they have shattered it. They commit massacres. Let the demands of the Peace Mothers be fulfilled. When they go to them, the Peshmergas keep talking on the phone. They do this until the working hour ends, and then they say that their shift is over."

Şemsixan Gulo called on the people of Bashur not to remain silent about the Kurdish massacres: "As Kurds, we called out to our brothers. Return the bodies of our martyrs to their families. Let the families bury their bodies so that they can breathe a sigh of relief. Stop being one with the enemy. The enemy is targeting all Kurds today. They are bombing our homes. "We must raise our voice against these massacres against the Kurdish people. Our culture of resistance, which started with the prison resistance, continues with the ideas and philosophy of President Öcalan."

Suad Mistefa, mother of Hevrîn Xelef (Havrin Khalef) said that their aim with this action was to meet with an authorized person to demand the bodies of martyrs. She said: "We are here for the guerrillas who were ambushed in Xelîfan. We state that we want their bodies back. Give us the bodies of our martyrs and let us bury them. We get no answer.

We have carried out this action for more than two months. We are all mothers of martyrs. All mothers will stand up for this land every day. Our only request is to see someone involved and ask for our children's bodies. Mothers are waiting at the Bashur-Rojava Kurdistan border, but until now, no one has come to listen to our demands or given an answer."