'Our presence scares the enemy', says guerrilla Tolhildan

YJA Star guerrilla Canfeda Tolhildan, located in Cenga Heftanîn, said that the invading Turkish army showed the attack organized on 16 June as targeting an area where guerrillas are, but in reality it targeted all the territories of South Kurdistan.

YJA Star guerrilla Canfeda Tolhildan, who takes part in the Cenga Heftanîn Operation, said: “Every night the cobra [helicopter] hits the whole area. The enemy will live with the fear that the guerrilla will come and strike every second of their life. They may have entered Heftanîn, but it will be a grave for them.”

Stating that the Turkish state is legitimising the occupation [of South Kurdistan territory] through this operation, Tolhildan continued: “Our people in South Kurdistan should be aware of this. Our people are our strength and we are the leading force. Don't let the enemy say, ‘I entered the area of Heftanîn comfortably." He even acted with four cobra to enter only one hill of Heftaninîn’. There are twenty-four hours of continuous reconnaissance planes activity faced by guerrilla resistance everywhere.”

Stating that there is a strong resistance in Xantur, Şeşdara, Dupişk, guerrilla Tolhildan said: “The enemy lost many soldiers but they don’t even retrieve their bodies. There are not only Turkish soldiers taking part in the operation, there are village guards and ISIS members. When we kill them, their bodies remain on the ground, the Turkish army is hiding its losses."

Guerrilla Tolhildan added that the Turkish army recovered the soldiers' bodies, but left village guards and ISIS mercenaries’ bodies on the battlefield.

Guerrilla Tolhildan continued: “These resistance shows how determined we are on this road, how we resist and fight. We had our martyrs too such as beloved heval Amara, heval Zeryan, heval Şoreşger and they left us their resistance, stance and morale. Just like martyr Zilan.”

YJA Star guerrilla Canfeda Tolhildan also said that the guerrilla was changing the tactics of the war and repel the attacks carried out by the Turkish army using all techniques. “Every time this sophisticated technique is used, our will strengthens. Each rocket increases our will. Of course, we once again saw the enemy reality.”

The Turkish army bombed a place every night and bombed the areas with cobra helicopters, said guerrilla Tolhildan adding: “This is an indication of how scared they are. They are acting feeling our breath on their neck. Our southern people should not be afraid of their sophisticated war policies and techniques. Guerrillas became the nightmare of the Turkish army. Because guerrillas are everywhere yet nowhere. These mountains are ours and we will win the Heftanîn operation.”