Moslem: Should Efrîn be attacked, the war will spread into Turkey

TEV-DEM foreign relations official and former PYD leader Saleh Moslem warned that if there’s an attack on Efrîn, the war will spread into Turkey. He said: "When Kurds achieve their national unity, they will become an important force in the Middle East."

Saleh Moslem pointed out that Syria has become a place to settle accounts in the World War III, and warned that if the war doesn’t start to cool down, it may spread wider.

TEV-DEM foreign relations official and former PYD leader Saleh Moslem spoke to ANHA about the popular uprisings in Iran, the Sochi and Geneva meetings on the agenda and the Kurdish National Congress.


Moslem called the process in Syria the “World War III” and said, “This war has continued for 7 years needs to cool down. Maybe it won’t end 100%, nut the intensity will decrease.”

Moslem said the war has moved to Idlib and that there will be another showdown there. Stating that hegemonic forces may carry the war in and around Deir ez-Zor to other countries and locations, he added: “These new countries could be places like Pakistan, Iran or Yemen. This way, they may direct the war away from Syria.”


“If Turkey doesn’t attempt any tricks, our area will have more calm,” said Moslem and added the following on the significance of Idlib:

“Idlib has been a place with religious organizations and structures for a long time. Organisations like the “İhvan-i Müslim’in” have been there for years. When the unrest broke out in Syria, religious issues had been brought to the foremost ground. For this, and because it’s close to Turkey, now it’s in its current situation. Idlib was declared a ‘no conflict zone’ with Astana, and they gathered all jihadis in Damascus and Humus there. And now one of the biggest problems is Idlib.”


When asked, “With the Astana talks, Turkey was given the role to clear the area of jihadist organisations. But as you can see, conflict started to emerge. What is happening there?” Moslem said:

“When the Syrian war broke out, Turkey had certain plans. Many forces aside from Turkey were supporting these jihadist and Islamist organizations. Structures like Horasan, Al-Nusra, Tawheed and İhvan-i Müslim’in were formed. Turkey supported these structures widely, and they spread throughout Syria. Turkey’s main goal was to completely dismantle Syria and rebuild it in accordance with their interests. They started to develop these calculations over Kurds first. Most recently, the groups Turkey supports have been gathered in one spot.

International forces tell Turkey to take these groups under control, the way Turkey brought them in, armed them, gave them shelter and supported them. But Turkey doesn’t want that. Because all their policies over Syria have failed. Now they are only present in Idlib. Other forces want to clear the jihadists and Islamists through Turkey. But Turkey has lost control of some of these groups, thus their Job is even harder now.”

Moslem pointed out that Russia and Iran showing the same pose in Astana was completely Tactical and said now Russia and Iran can tell Turkey that Syria doesn’t listen to them and Turkey needs to leave these areas. Turkey has been stuck in the mud anywhere they entered, including Idlib. And now they are hopeless.”

About Turkey recently calling in Iranian and Russian officials and asking them to stop operations against Idlib, Moslem said:

“In Astana they agreed on certain areas there is the railroad in Idlib, which is held by Al Nusra, known as Hayat Tahrir Al Sham. According to the agreement Nusra and other organizations need to leave this place and others. They had agreed that the regime would enter these places, but despite the advance of Syrian regime forces these forces didn’t withdraw from their areas. Turkey was called on to make them withdraw and to fulfill the conditions of the agreement made in Astana. Despite that Ahrar Al Sham, supported by Turkey, is clashing with the regime. Turkey can’t tell Syria not to fight because it’s Syrian territory and they are fighting for their own lands. Turkey will either fight these groups, which will pull Turkey into a war, or cut off support and act according to the agreement. International forces are telling Turkey to do it, or they will.”


Moslem said the war in Idlib will drag on and said the following on the fate of Jarablus and Bab:

“Nobody wants Turkey’s presence in Syria. Not Syria, not International forces. They told them to give Aleppo in return for Bab. Turkey first lost Aleppo, and now they can’t hold on in Bab. The people there have voiced their discontent with Turkey’s presence. There were protests against them. Bab has become the bane of Turkey Russia may have approved Turkey entering there, but that doesn’t give them permission to be permanent.

On the other hand, we can’t just stand by and do nothing. There are Kurdish settlements there. There is an attempt to change the demographics, we can’t stay silent about this. Turkey’s presence there is not right. They need to leave. Sooner or later they will, but we can’t give an exact date. Like in Bab, they will leave Idlib. They have been defeated in all the policies they have foreseen. That will continue.”


Moslem also spoke about Turkey’s possible attack on Efrîn and said, “’ if such an attack that has come to pass it will mean the war spreading into turkey and turkey starting to crumble attacking Efrîn will not be good for them at all. They are also aware of this. And none of the International forces will turn a blind eye to this attack. On the other hand there is the example of Kobanê. Efrîn is also ready. Wherever they are, Kurdish people will defend their cities. An attack on Efrîn means an attack on Kurds. During the time of the Battle of Kobanê, youth from Northern Kurdistan had taken to the streets and showed an immense resistance. This will be even greater for Efrîn. The Kurdish people will rise up as a whole. It will be total warfare.”


Regarding the insurgency in Iran, Moslem stated that the Iranian peoples can’t be silenced by oppression. He stressed that if Iran doesn’t go through a democratic transformation, it will “horribly implode”. He added: “The destruction will go deeper as this transformation is delayed. The regime transforming itself will be better for their own well-being.”

Moslem said, “With the Democratic Nation system, we foresee the coexistence of all ethnic religious and sectarian diversity. This goes for Iran and the whole region.”


Moslem said the reason no results were achieved in Geneva was due to the insincerity of the parties and that they didn’t want a solution: “ A free society will emerge through the will of the free individual. Free societies can make peace and democracy permanent. This is not the case in Geneva. The Sultan decides who will participate. Erdoğan says the Kurds shouldn’t be there – why do the internal affairs of Syria interest you? Why do what meetings Kurds will participate in interest you? The peoples of Syria have the power and the will to decide for their future themselves. It is of no interest to Erdoğan how the peoples will co-exist in Syria.”

When the intense discussion on whether Northern Syrian forces would participate in the meetings to be held in Sochi was mentioned, Moslem said:

“As the Northern Syrian Federation, we are our own power to decide. At the same time, we do have a project for a solution and we have the power to implement it. Not including such a power in solution meetings means that they don’t want a solution.

Kurds act together with other peoples in Northern Syria. The Turkish state is afraid of this joint project. That is why they want to keep Kurds away from these meetings. What will happen if we don’t participate? A solution won’t have been developed.

If a system is changing, there needs to be international acceptance. In this context, Sochi could help the Geneva talks towards producing a solution. Because international forces participate in these meetings. Now, Turkish officials say they won’t allow Kurds in Sochi. What is the purpose of Sochi? First, to write a new constitution for Syria and then, for the elections.”


Moslem touched upon the Kurdish national congress on the agenda and stated that the incident in Southern Kurdistan and Kirkuk have shown that national unity is imperative.

He said there should be a mechanism where the people will participate directly and decide on what is right or wrong. He added: “The incidents in the South were not easy. They have hurt all Kurds. Many gains have been lost. When Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria all come together against us in an instant, why shouldn’t we unite?

Moslem stressed that when Kurds achieve their national unity, they will become an important force in the Middle East and said: “When I say unity, I don’t mean all parties must be in it. There are some parties that claim to be Kurdish, but we’re founded by the Turkish state, Syria or some other country. It doesn’t matter at all if those people are involved.”